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F8F Bearcat World War 2 Military Fighter Aircraft.
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Grumman F8F Bearcat Military Aircraft
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F6F Bearcat Military Fighter Aircraft
DVD Movies and Videos

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The Roar of the Grumman Cats - CD

The Roar of the Grumman Cats - CD

This 2-CD collection presents the thrilling sounds of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation's final four piston-powered, carrier-based fighters: the FM-2 Wildcat, the F6F Hellcat, the F7F Tigercat and the F8F Bearcat. You'll enjoy every sound of these magnificent machines, including engine starts, taxiing, takeoffs and landings, blistering high-speed passes and aerobatics! Includes an interview with legendary Grumman test pilot Corky Meyer. Total runtime is 2 hours.


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Flights in classic warbirds, ultralights, Zeppelin Airship, the DC-3, open cockpit bi-planes & more!
Fun Flights in a WW2 Prop Fighter


Skydive Mt. Everest Tandem HALO Jump
Tandem Jump at Mt. Everest


Space Adventures: Experience zero-gravity (microgravity weightlessness
Zero Gravity, Ride in the Vomit Comet Airplane.


Hard Road to Hamilton

Hard Road to Hamilton

VHS Airplane Video

The famous Hamilton, California airshow. Includes the Army’s Golden Knights, the spectacular aerobatics of a 650 hp. Waco UPF-7, the Canadian Snowbirds, and Lyle Shelton with his modified F8F Bearcat. Static displays, great air-to-air shots and stereo soundtrack. 1 hr, 13 min.    #00V8310    Price: $24.95

Legacy of Speed 2008 Calendar

Legacy of Speed 2008 Calendar
Aviation Wall Calendar.

Celebrate the history of air racing with images that span 61 years of the world's fastest motor sport! You'll enjoy decades of Unlimited racers including Mustangs, Bearcats, Sea Furys, a Super Corsair, a P-38, a P-39, and others… all in such large, bright color photographs you'll think they were shot yesterday. Measures 14"x 11" and includes a September-December 2007 bonus planner page.    #0080131    Price:

Round Sounds Volume 2

Round Sounds Volume 2
Audio Warbird CD Disk

Continues on from Volume 1 with the "Big Iron." Lots of propellers and cylinders. You'll thrill to the multi-engine sounds of the B-17, the B-29 and the Martin 404. We're aboard the Lockheed Constellation for propliner memories. You'll duck as T-28s, Sea Furies and Bearcats roar through your living room. We'll deliver the mail to a remote village in a de Havilland Beaver. Gee Bee aerobatics provide loops and rolls. This CD is all digital and over an hour long. #00A0005    Price:

Pylon Dusters - 3 Volume Set

Pylon Dusters - 3 Volume Set

3 VHS Video Set.

Purchase the Set and Save!

1932 & 1938 National Air Races
A rare, historic film of the ‘32 Cleveland Race preliminaries. Ernst Udet’s aerobatics and Harold Johnson’s Ford Tri-motor spins and loops off the deck are as breathtaking as today’s headliners. Finale is the 1913 Curtiss Pusher and the Autogyro dogfight that ends in a mid-air crash. (B&W, silent, 11 minutes)
1938 film covers the Pacific International Races and the Cleveland National Races. Watch the race preparations for Chief Oshkosh, Chambermaid, 8-Ball, Bonzo and Jeep etc. Spectacular racing scenes from the Bendix, Greve, and Thompson races and the aerial entertainers. (Color, silent, 41 minutes)

1947 Cleveland National Races
Includes closeups of participants with their racers. Thrilling racing scenes from the Bendix, Goodyear, Halle, Kendall, Sohio, and Tinnerman events. In the Thompson Race, see the spectacular crackup of Hardwick in his P-51. Also witness the P-80s perform at 494 mph. Airshow spectaculars... from Curtis Jr. aerobatics to the Navy’s Blue Angels in Bearcats. Non-stop action. (Color, 19 minutes)

1948 Cleveland National Races
Watch Paul Mantz arrive as repeat winner of the Bendix cross-country race. Racers and pilots are spotlighted in the Goodyear, Kendall, and Thompson races. P-38s, Corsairs and P-51s with their wingtips virtually clipping the ground leave you gasping. Includes aerobatics and flybys of B-29s and the newest thing, a B-36 Bomber. (Color, 18 minutes)   
#00V8051    Price:

Pylon Dusters

Pylon Dusters

1947 Cleveland National Races - VHS
VHS Video

View closeups of participants with their racers, then see thrilling racing scenes from the Bendix, Goodyear, Halle, Kendall, Sohio, and Tinnerman events, including the spectacular crackup of Hardwick in his P-51. Also witness the P-80s perform at 494 mph and other airshow spectaculars, from Curtis Jr. aerobatics to the Navy’s Blue Angels in Bearcats. Color, 19 minutes.

Price: $9.95

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  F8F and Military History Study Guide. 

The ever popular Rare Bear piloted by John Penney qualified with the fastest qualification time in  the Unlimited Class at 495.039 mph of the 40th National Championships Air Race & Air Show, which was held in Reno Stead Field. Thunder Tiger has teamed up with the Rare Bear Racing team to bring this legendary airplane to you.

The last of Grumman's great single-seat, single-engine naval fighters, the F8F Bearcat was the best of its breed but arrived too late for action in World War II.

The F8F Bearcat was the last piston-engine "cat" fighter produced by Grumman. It  combined the agility of the Zero with the power of the F4U Corsair in a tiny airframe. The resulting fighter had outstanding speed and climb performance and saw action in post-WWII conflicts.


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