Super dog story, Frostie the Doggie

A short story about Frosty the Doggie, My friend the Dog, a Super Dog Story.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster at the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. Oct 2006
I remember my friend, Frosty the Doggie and here's a short story about her and a video about a dog like Frosty.  Frosty was a super smart dog and she was totally deaf.  We didn't have to teach her sign language, she just figured it out very quickly on her own and she could figure out commands that others would give her, even though they didn't know her regular signs. Super Dog Story

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Frosty the Doggie, Super Dog Story


  A Super Dog Video  


My friend had a dog that was named Frosty.  Frosty was a Queensland Healer and was totally deaf.  We always took Frosty to all of the races and dogs were supposed to be on a leash in the pits area.  But we didn't need to worry about Frosty, we would just tell her to stay and there was no problem.  One day at the Willow Springs Raceway, the races were over and everyone left.  So I threw the Frisbee for Frosty and she just sat and looked at me.  I asked Mike what was wrong and he said that all three of us, Mike, his wife and I, all told her that she couldn't leave, so there she was, stuck in our pits only. 

 Well I said she was deaf, but she could understand sign language perfectly.  She used to totally wear us out running after the Frisbee, all I was doing was throwing it and I was super sweaty and exhausted in the mid winter, but when she got hot, she laid in a ice cold mud puddle for a few minutes and she was ready to go again.  Can you believe that, all of that running and she wore me out and all I was doing was throwing the Frisbee.  She would catch it almost every time and would even catch the trick ones that you would throw up at an angle that it would come back.  She could figure out which way the Frisbee would go by looking at how it was thrown.

One day Mike called up the TV station in Sacramento and said that he had a dog that rode jet skis.  The man said that there were a lot of dogs that rode jet skis.  Mike replied that this dog was totally deaf.  They instantly went out to Folsom Lake and took pictures of Frosty.  When mike got into the going fast mode, Frosty would go into the racers tuck.  Mike even rode the ski while he was standing on his, riding backwards, and Frosty was right there. 

 Mike and Linda were my roommates so Frosty was my dog to, in a way.  That was many years ago.  The reason that I mentioned Frosty is that this dog looked almost exactly like Frosty, except Frosty was a silver gray and looked like she was covered with frost, that's how she got her name.  I think that this dog looked like she was a Queensland Healer too, or at least part.


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