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  This is the History Timeline for the C. Jeff Dyrek Adventures 

  A Complete Timeline for the History of C. Jeff Dyrek, The Jeff Dyrek Story. 

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1967 The Story of Pete the Parakeet a family friend




Cheap Travel Deals


Helping the Police catch the Crooks, by Accident

Winter 1970, Lost in the Woods, We had to tinkle on the fire to get it started

Summer 1970 A Doctors Story

December 1973 My First CB750 Honda Motorcycle

The Hanford Union High School Destruction in 1975

1975 The Motorcycle Trip to Mineral King, in the Sequoia National Forest, that my boss made me take

April 1975 Kawasaki Big Horn, "The Toad"

1977 Lost in the Woods on California's Coast Mountains

1978 Skinned Shins on the USS Kitty Hawk

1978 A Sailboat Story in Subic Bay in the Philippines, and a strange fish

1980 A Super Dog Story, Frosty the Doggie

1981 the California Department of Fish and Game Airplane "Almost" Accident

1987 Travis Air Force Base Museum

1989 My little Bird, A Sparrow named Aviator

My 1972 CB750 Honda Motorcycle in 1990

Kawasaki ZN700 vs Harley Davidson

1992 My 1976 RD400 Motorcycle Project. 
There are some interesting facts that every motorcycle rider should know here.

1992 Hitting a Deer While Driving My Car, A True Story

2002 North Pole Expedition

2003 North Pole Expedition

2005 North Pole Expedition







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