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A Destroyer Refueling from the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63

This Destroyer is the USS Sample DE-1048.

Later redesignated the FF-1048
next to the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63

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Look at those missiles, the ASROC, on the USS Sample

 Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

Here's the Complete USS Sample Operations Manual

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You can see the crew of the USS Sample, hard at work on this destroyer preparing to receive fuel from the aircraft carrier. 

Did you know that the USS SAMPLE in the 72 tour fired 14,600 rounds of 5" ammunition at Viet Cong targets in south Vietnam. Do you know how it got the logon on the over head ( sample us, we got the spirit ) because it seemed like all the other ship in the task force were breaking down but at that time, the Sample was always up and running. I was a BM3  and saw many ship to ship transfers in rough seas. Just to stand you had to develop sea legs. We had some great tales of events aboard the Sample, old salt, I have looked for information about Sample.  Do she still have her a//, e// from her extensive refresher training and operations and exercises? By the way thank for the site I will be back. BM3 Robert Campbell.  3 wes-pac from 1969 -1972, e-mail #
The accompanying description of the launcher in the background of this photo is incorrect. The launcher is an ASROC launcher.....which is a rocket assisted torpedo. The SUBROC was a submarine launched missle fired from the torpedo tubes of a submerged submarine.    Ron Curtis   12-3-2003
This is the Sub Roc anti-submarine missile system that you see in the large box like structure in the background. The Subroc is an Anti-Submarine missile system that is launched toward the area where a submarine is located, hits the water, then turns into a torpedo. It's great for a quick attack on subs plus the subroc is undetected until by the submarine until it hits the water just above the sub. Very quick, very dangerous.

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Here's the Complete USS Sample Operations Manual


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Subroc (submarine rocket) anti-submarine missiles.

ASROC was 1 of 2 "new" weapon

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