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Photo of the USS Kitty Hawk Shown with its Battle Group in the Gulf of Tonkin, on Yankee Station, Viet Nam.

The Kitty Hawk by MM2 Howard Freeman

The USS Kitty Hawk in the Gulf of Tonkin, on Yankee Station, 1965

Pictures from MM2 Howard Freeman showing the USS Kitty Hawk in the Gulf of Tonkin, on Yankee Station, 1965
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The USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63

in the Gulf of Tonkin at Yankee Station
1965 - 1966


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Ships shown here are in the gulf of tonkin, on yankee station, 1965

Photo from Howard Freeman
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

the start of the viet nam war ordered by president johnson

A letter from MM2 Howard Freeman on the USS Kitty Hawk

After a couple of years of inactive duty, I reenlisted in 1964 and was assigned to the Kitty Hawk. I was transferred to Bremerton, Washington to meet the Kitty Hawk when she went in to the yards there. I was awaiting the Hawk when the DD Turner Joy and other DD's were attacked by the North Viet Nam boats, and President Johnson made his announcement to the world.

As an MM2, I was assigned to the #4 Main Machinery Room. I was there for 2 years and the 1965-1966 cruise. The photos I took were on my off time. I was always an aircraft nut. Never could figure why I wound up as a MM!!

Note: A MM is a Machinist Mate.

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