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      World Atlases for kids.  How will you know where you're going if you don't know where you are.  A world atlas can make the difference between knowing and not.  Having a world atlas handy can open a whole new world to you and your family.  These Atlases not only have maps, they have demographic information about every point on earth and even cities, countries and contenents.  Many of the world atlases have ocean topography in addition to the surface topography.  Some world atlas books even have the history of many countries.  When you open a world atlas, you will not only see maps and information, many of them have pictures of interesting and tourist areas in countries and contenents.  Many of these pictures are absolutely beautiful and in high resolution, full color on glossy paper.  A world atlas opens your mind to a new world that is right in your hand.  Having a world atlas in your house is great for your kids, they will spend hours looking and looking at the fantastic pictures and maps giving them a fantastic view into geography greatly helping them to understand the world around them and helping them in their school training without them even knowing that they are doing a study.  Instead, our children will be spending their time obsessed with the pictures and maps and dreaming of what their future will be like.  Some world atlesses even have pictures of animals on their pages even further making their book a fantastic piece of art that is driving positive thoughts deep into their minds and making their futures a better place to be when they get there.  Always have a world atlas in your home.
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