Every North Pole Expedition has it's start, here we are leaving from Chicago O'hare on a Jet Plane.

Leaving on a Jet Plane for the North Pole

North Pole Expedition 2002
C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
The North Pole Expedition starts when we are leaving Chicago on a jet plane
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Every North Pole Expedition has it's start, here we are leaving from Chicago O'hare on a Jet Plane.

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Leaving Chicago going on the North Pole Expedition
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek


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 North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You


Every Expedition has a beginning and an end.  This is the beginning, leaving on a jet plane from Chicago to Milan Italy.   This flight was about ten hours from terminal to terminal and McDonnell Douglas'  MD-11 made the flight absolutely tremendous.   I rode in the coach section of the aircraft and had a window seat at the very front of the cabin on the starboard side.   We took off from O'Hare Airport and in the very short distance from O'Hare to Downtown Chicago we gained fifteen or twenty thousand feet.   Look above to see the picture from the window at that very moment.

I could see the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Building, Navy Pier and Miggs Field all framed up in my cameras viewfinder, then I took this shot.  We continued to climb into a layer of haze just soon after this.  The next shot of Chicago just didn't come out very good because of this haze. 

We continued to climb to cruising altitude and traversed several layers of thin clouds.  When we came out on top, the view was outstanding.    I could see all different types of clouds as I was looking through the different layers that were completely covering the face of the earth.  After a short while I watched another commercial airliner cruising the other way while making a beautiful condensation trail.   It was like I was in a spaceship heading for another world.  If you really think of it at 34,000 feet the temperature outside is about a minus seventy degrees, the wind speed is in excess of six hundred miles per hour and the air is so thin that you would not be able to breath and if you were out there, you would surely parish.   Those are real bad conditions, but, here we sit in great comfort in an air-conditioned cabin drinking Marlot wine and being served by a beautiful Italian stewardess who has a fantastic smile.  That's Life!  What more can you ask for? 

The Trip Continues




The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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