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These model airplanes are built by master model builders, modelers who take detail to the extreme and recreate history

Constructores Master Modelo Exposiciones de modelos de aviones en la competencia

Estos modelos de aviones estn construidos por maestros constructores de modelos, modelos que se detalle hasta el extremo y recrear la historia

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An extremely accurate model of Mariano Valasco's A-4 Skyhawk Jet FighterLook at Adam Coleman's Model Building Home Page

This plane is a super accurate replica of Mariano Valasco's A-4 Skyhawk.  In 1982 Mariano Valasco, from Argentina, used this plane to sink the HMS Coventry in the Falkland Islands War.  A couple days later Neil Wilkinson, from England, aboard the HMS Intrepid, shot this plane down.  

Years later, Adam Coleman flew to the Falkland Islands to find this plane and copy it exactly.  Adam took detailed photos of every part of the crashed airplane and even took paint chip samples to replicate the original colors so that they exactly matched the real airplane.  This model building exhibit shows both his model and also the real plane crashed on West Falkland Island.  It was a fantastic job all the way around.


What does a model look like when it was built by a master model builder?  This is the F-4 Phantom Exhibit from Inaki Ruiz from Spain.  He builds fantastic model airplanes that are realistic beyond compare.  His models win major competitions and he goes out of his way to ensure detail and accuracy of his model kits.


Super Model Airplanes Collection

This is the finest model airplanes collection that I have ever seen.  This gentleman lives in Mexico City and was a pilot since 1952 and has stopped flying in 1984.  Every plane is different

Exhibit added 12-22-2008

Here's a Huge Collection of Model Airplanes


Neil Wilkinson, the 1982 Falkland Islands War.

This is a very unique exhibit with exclusive pictures and stories from Neil Wilkinson the man who shot down the Argentinean Pilot who sunk the HMS Coventry.  This exhibit actually has a photo of  the 40mm Cannon Shell Cartridge that shot down the A-4 Skyhawk that  Lt. Mariano Velasco from Argentina.  Put your name in the guestbook and tell us your story.   Major Updates 4-1-2009

This exhibit has expanded into a real expedition to the Falklands and now has many people from four countries working on this exhibit and expedition. 



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The Final Word:  Becoming a Master Model Builder requires a tremendous variety of skills and knowledge about the aircraft model that you are building. 
Developing these skills in our kids is as simple as building model airplanes on a regular basis.  As your children grow, they will enter higher education
with many skills than the other kids that they are competing with don't have.  Your children will have a huge advantage when they enter the workplace too.
Building models is not only very educational, it also builds very good motor skills and hand eye coordination.