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Covert missions to Poland, RAF - Polish Air Force B-24 Liberator Bombers.

Polish B-24 Liberator RAF - Polish Air Force B-24 Liberator Bombers in Covert Missions.  Research by John Bybee.
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  Polish Air Force B-24 Liberator 

Polish B-24 Liberator

Former 465th BG B-24J-35-CF #44-10339

RAF/Polish Air Force: Liberator B.VI, GR-U, KG-834
Brindisi, Italy, Christmas 1944
Polish 1586 SD (Special Duty) Flight
138th Special Squadron, Flight C
Covert missions to Poland
A/C scrapped 3 March 1947


From the Webmaster:  Do you see all of these men in the pictures in this exhibit?  They knew that they had a one in four chance of coming back alive.  Many of these men are listed as KIA and many are totally disabled.  We have to give them all of the respect in the world because they knew that their chances of coming home again were almost none, yet they stood in long lines to defend our country. 

But what happened to our country.  Read about Roy Carlson and you will understand what happened to our country.  We have enemies right in our homeland and we call them great men and women.  We call them celebrities and we call them stars.  Look at what these celebrities are doing to our kids.  Listen to the music, the TV commercials and the TV programs and Hollywood movies.  Terrorism comes, in it's greatest form, in the way of psychological warfare.  Read this article about dangerous cartoons then watch Family Guy on TV and you will soon see why kids are now killing their parents.  Watch a kid play the game, "Grand Theft Auto" and you will see why there is so much crime in America and with only 5% of the worlds population, the United States has 25% of the worlds prisoners.  Don't think about it, watch these programs and think for yourself. 

One day the news talked about Paris Hilton getting a DUI and I never heard about Paris Hilton before this time.  Fox TV gave her most of their newscast, every day, for weeks.  I never heard of Paris Hilton.  So I typed into the search engine, "Paris Hilton, Pardon" to see if she would get a pardon from Arnold Schwarzenegger would give her a pardon.  Click Here, Here's what I found.  Tell me this, what did these guys fight for?  What?  I listen to parents today say that they don't want their kid to go to the military because they don't want their kid to be killed in a war, yet in Chicago alone, this year, 2008, there were more murders than U.S. Soldiers killed in all of the world's wars today.  But they don't tell you that on TV. 

It's Psychological Warfare being fought against the United States, right in front of our noses, and we say it's freedom of speech.  Did you every see a good murder movie?  How could a murder movie be good in any way?  Think about it.  How many of our kids are having their lives ruined by drugs.  Yet, it's freedom of speech for the music to sing about drugs, sex, murder and gangs glorifying all.  Did you get to vote on any of these freedom of speech laws?  When Hugh Heffner started Playboy, the United States Postal Service had him arrested and took him to court because sending pornography in the mail was illegal.  Now kids in high school are wearing playboy icons on their jewelry and clothing and they are head banging to the music.  Listen to the music today and listen to what they say.  Many times the music is embedded with code word for Meth and other drugs, code words  that the average person cannot understand.  This is why I say, "What did these soldiers fight for.  Why did they give their lives.  Was it for our current form of Freedom of Speech or so all of the Presidential Candidates are not allowed to take part in the Debates?"  Think about it!

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster and Disabled Veteran.


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