Alapha Jet Instrument Panel Drawing showing Avionics Systems

Dassault Dornier Alpha Jet Avionics Systems and Instrument Panel Drawing.

Alpha Jet Action Photo Flying in a Knife Edge Attitude.
Page 6

20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force.
by Marc Arys.
A Detailed Drawing of the Alpha Jet Trainer Avionics Systems and Instrument Panel.

Dassault Dornier Alpha Jet sistemas de avinica y panel de instrumentos de dibujo.

  Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes 
This is page 6 of the Alpha Jet Exhibit. The Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet Instrument panel drawing.

Click Here is a complete description of the avionics and drawing of the instrument panel in the Belgian Air Force Alpha Jet.

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This is another photo from the Book

20 years of Alpha Jet
in the Belgian Air Force


by Marc Arys

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Here is the instrument panel layout of the Alpha Jet
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Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

The Alpha Jet Instrument panel drawing

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The Alpha Jet used Various Avionics for navigation:

  • TACAN:    Hoffman micro-TACAN,  AN/ARN 91B, TACAN stands for Tactical Air Navigation providing the pilot with Bearing to or from a station, Range to a station, Ground speed to a station, Air to Air Bearing and Range to other aircraft for refueling or other rendezvous.  In Contrast the Hoffman TACAN used in the 1970's Vought A-7A/:B Corsair II Attack aircraft was an AN/ARN-52  Tube type TACAN and the A-7E Corsair II used a digital AN/ARN-84 TACAN
  • GPS Global Positioning System A system using numerous satellites to give extremely accurate position, altitude, ground speed and more. Usually has a moving map and data pages.
  • VOR Visual Onmidirectional Range:  Very similar to the TACAN information but no Air to Air, Range, or ground speed information. Frequency ranges in the VHF Range
  • ILS Instrument Landing System:  Provides Glideslope and Localizer information to the pilot so he can line up on the runway accurately in any visibility condition.
  • INS    Inertial Navigational System using a Laser Gyroscope instead of the older spinning mechanical Gyros.  Older gyros used a spinning wheel to measure the inertia resulting from the  movement of the airplane the new Ring Laser Gyros use a phase shift of the light waves traveling down a fiber optic to measure the movements of the airplane.  This provides the pilot with very accurate position information which is displayed on a moving map and used by other instruments in the navigation system.
  • HUD Heads Up Display:  Projects Airspeed, Vertical Speed, Altitude and attitude information along with a variety of other navigation and weapon system functions onto a sheet of glass directly in front of the pilots view outside of the front window.

For Communication the Alpha Jet used:

  • UHF Ultra High Frequency Radio  with frequencies in the range of 300 MHz to 3 GHz.  This is the military band radio.
  • VHF Very High Frequency Radio with frequencies in the range of 30 MHz to 300 MHz This is used as a secondary radio and also to be able to communicate with Civilian Aircraft and Airports.  The Civilian Aircraft radio frequencies are 118.00 MHz to 137.975 Mhz in .025 MHz increments.  Newer radio types have a slightly higher upper limit.
  • IFF Identification Friend or Foe, which works in conjunction with the Radar to determine if another aircraft is a friend or an enemy.  The IFF is very much like the civilian transponder, In addition to the function of telling the pilot if the other plane is an enemy or not the IFF and Transponder provide the ATC Air Traffic Control with mode C altitude information, emergency status e.g.. When a pilot enters a code of 7700 means he is declaring an emergency, 7600 means he has lost his radio communication, and 7500 means that the aircraft has been hijacked.  Other codes such as 1200 tell the ATC that the aircraft is flying under VFR Visual Flight Rules.  An X pulse is added to the transmitted IFF Data Train without pilot intervention.  The X pulse is present when the aircraft is a drone or any type of pilotless aircraft meaning after the pilot ejects.

Not Mentioned here are the Weapons Delivery Computer, ECM Electronics Counter Measures, Chaff Dispensers, Flair Dispensers, Bomb Sequencers, and the Radar System and more.

You can see that a jet fighter is very complex.  The book shows detailed pictures of every part of this aircraft with close-ups of each exterior component fully extended.

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    Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes 

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Alpha Jet Aircraft Models


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C. Jeff Dyrek
Ref:  4-6-01

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