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Photo of the US Navy Destroyer Escort DE-869 as its Dips under the waves.

The Kitty Hawk by MM2 Howard Freeman

The Navy Destroyer, DD 869 Approaches the USS Kitty Hawk for refueling. Look at the picture to see how far the bow dips under the waves.

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The USS Kitty Hawk, CV63

Preparing for an Un-Rep, Underway Replenishment
1965 - 1966

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The US Navy Destroyer DD 869 approaches the tanker for refuleing

Photo from Howard Freeman
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

The ships catapults, like the ship, are steam powered


For a small ship the waves are high and staying on the deck is difficult. 

Click Here the DD-869 approaches the USS Kitty Hawk for refueling.  When these ships refuel, the tanker / supply ship comes along side the aircraft carrier. The fuel lines are connected between the two ships. Next, the destroyer comes along the other side of the tanker. This way the tanker refuels both ships at the same time making a quick job of at sea refueling. While the ships are in the refueling position, supplies are transferred between the ships. The most favorite supply is Soda and Fresh Milk.  This entire process of refueling and re-supply is called an Un-Rep which stands for underway replenishment.
When I was in the navy, 
I thought this operation was called an On-Rep because we took supplies on to the ship. I also thought there was an Off-Rep, I was wrong, there were no such names as on-rep and off-rep. Thanks to the readers of these pages I have been corrected and educated a little more. C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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Japanese surrendered to end World War II
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