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Photo of the USS Kitty Hawk with Destroyer DE-869 and a Tanker Refueling.

The Kitty Hawk by MM2 Howard Freeman

The DD-968 makes a final maneuver before joining the aircraft carrier, USS Kitty Hawk, and its tanker

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The USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63

DE-869 prepares for an Un-Rep, underway replenishment
1965 - 1966

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the Navy destroyer, DD-968 comes along side the USS Sacramento and the  USS Kitty Hawk.

Photo from MM2 Howard Freeman
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

the kitty hawk and the other navy ships are in the gulf of tonkin


The DD-869 moves in for more fuel. After the aircraft carrier and one of the destroyers are refueled, the tanker takes two more ships for refueling. This is a method the military, Navy, has improvised to get all ships refueled in the shortest time possible. These photos of refueling were taken while the Kitty Hawk was on station in the Gulf of Tonkin, on Yankee Station, Viet Nam.

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