This US Navy Destroyer, the USS Sample, DD-1048 now the FF-1048  is shown in these pictures

US Navy Destroyer Escort Pictures

the USS Sample DE-1048 now called FF-1048

This Navy Destroyer was Later re-designated the FF-1048




This US Navy Destroyer Escort is the USS Sample DD-1048  but now FF-1048

 Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

The Navy Destroyer # 1048 bridge close-up 

11 Jul 2011

Photos of ship taken from another ship shows the fwd refueling port on the port side. The photos when printed on shown on the website are reversed. Both fwd/aft refueling ports are on the Starboard side. All stored taken on by high line go or face starboard side. I was the Sample for the first 2 westpacs 1969-70 and I was in the Deck Division. My name is Paul Goodiron BM3


WRT this picture, SAMPLE is already FF-1048. On the signal bridge, 2nd guy from the right is FTG2 Rich Findley, 5th guy from the right is me, FTG1 Bob Gregory. The red-headed guy next to me is FTG1 Bob Martin. To his right is our division officer, ENS Jess Schrum. Others that I can identify are; On top of the gun director is FTG3 Rubin Garcia. Guy sitting on the power drive unit with ball cap is FTG3 Bud Stewart. 

Bob Gregory 
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10 Dec 2003


What a treat. My son, Dave, found your web site and the Sample photos. I was with you on that cruise. I was CO Sample. On that close up of the bridge during the unrep, I'm the little guy in kahkis and a ball cap.

 I remember the night we were in plane guard station astern and Kitty Hawk lost all power. Everything aboard went dark. We could see by our radar that we were closing rapidly. We slowed and veered out to port. Soon we were getting flashing light from a hand held Aldis lamp warning us to stay clear.

Kitty Hawk had planes up and had to direct them to Singapore to land. When they got there, the airport was closed down. Finally after buzzing the field, some one woke up and turn on the lights for them. All the planes got down safely.
Mike Bickel

19 Dec 2003

Regarding the above photo, I believe I am in it. If the time frame of 1977-1978 is correct, we are on WESTPAC. I think I am the third person from the right, dark hair, glasses and a white t-shirt. The khaki clad guy on the bridge wing is Lt Cdr Hess, our XO. Actually the ship is FF-1048 at this point. The designation was changed earlier in the 70s.

I caught the ship in Japan and we went on to S. Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. We salted up a boiler during that trip and went into dry-dock when we returned to Pearl Harbor, our homeport. After an extended overhaul and a trip or two to the west coast - Port Angeles, Washington and San Diego, the ship went to the IO in June of 1980. My enlistment was up and I got off just before she left. In this picture I was an MM2 and stood Engine room Supervisor Watch, but I was in A-gang, the AC&R shop. When we got back to Pearl, I became the Work Center Supervisor of the AC&R shop.

This is probably more info than you wanted, but here you go.

Nick Carter
Huntington Beach, CA

P.S. I have used your photo of the Sample on top of the wave as my wallpaper on my computer for years.

The "Destroyer" you are talking about is actually a Destroyer Escort called the USS Sample(DE-1048) later called (FF-1048). The Destroyer Escorts  were later reclassified as Frigates (FF). I was on two FF's, the Knox(FF-1052), and the Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082). I have collected several hundred images of various types of ships, and am very interested in Naval  history. I think this is the info you requested. Shane
If you know the name or anything else about this ship, please send e-mail to the webmaster




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Here's the Complete USS Sample Operations Manual


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