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Pitts Special History in Brief.

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Pitts and Aircraft Hombuilders Exhibits

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Jack Varanelli's Pitts Radio Controlled Kit

Built to look exactly like Chuck Robert's Pitts Airplane, here's a whole construction exhibit on how a foam airplane, covered with balsa wood is built.  This is a 1/3rd Scale Radio Controlled Model with a 2-1/2 HP motor.  A real nice exhibit

Exhibit Added 20 Jan. 2008

Chuck Robert's Yellow Pitts S1S Aircraft Construction

Pictures showing the detailed construction of Chuck Roberts Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft.  This is the airplane that you see as a logo on the YellowAirplane Home Page.

Exhibit Added 10 Dec 2007

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Putting the Wings on Your Pitts Airplane

This shows how to level the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft wings, place the wings on the airplane and adjusting the Flying Wires and Landing Wires.  Aircraft Rebuilt by Roger Smith,  
Exhibit Added 12-Jan-2002


a7 corasir ii located in the Prairie Aviation Museum in bloomington illinois

Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Building

    Shows many Pitts aircraft from building to flying This is the worlds most successful aerobatic aircraft. First built by Curtis Pitts using a 65 hp engine which he though would be excessive power, the Pitts is now built using engines with horsepower ratings of 450 hp and more. You too can build a Pitts aircraft in your own garage.  This Pitts Aircraft was built by Brent Smith.
Exhibit Added 8-Dec-1999

Pitts Action photos
Both Simulated and Real Photos of the Pitts Aerobatic Airplane in Action.

The First Certificated Pitts
Jim Klick and Worlds First Certificated Pitts Aerobatic Airplane.
Great photos and Computer Graphics.

Jim is an eaa member and an iac member

Jerry Spears Flies his Pitts Aerobatic Airplane
Some great pictures  from Air Shows and Sports Aerobatics

A great picture picture of Jerry Spears flying his Pitts Aerobatics Airplane from the back cover of Sports Aerobatics

Curtis Pitts' First Production Prototype
Flown By Tom Burlington

Jim and his Pitts

Stits Playboy Experimental Aircraft

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Read about Different Types, Uses and Specifications of Aircraft Wood

Pitts Photo Gallery

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Dan Collier and his
Totally Restored Vintage Ryan PT-22

Some great pictures of Dan Collier's Totally restored Ryan  PT-22 Airplane Plus a WW2 Japanese Mini Sub on Guam and a F4U Corsair crashed in the jungle of Guam. This is a Great Mini Exhibit

Dan Collier flies his beautifully restored vintage Ryan PT-22 Airplane over Southern California


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