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International Aerobatics Club

the Deane Kesterson
Chapter 61

Litchfield, Illinois
Meetings 2nd Sunday at 1 PM various locations
however, most meetings are at Litchfield
At the IAC chapter 61, we like to fly airplanes, we like to talk about airplanes and we like to have a good time.  If you would like to have a good time, come to one of our meetings. You don't need to be a pilot, you just need to be interested in airplanes


  Lots of Pitts links and photos here
the Deane Kesterson Memorial
List of Chapter Members

Chapter 61's Yellow Bandit
Phil Sission blazing into the future

Chapter 61 Members Airplanes
Herb Cox 
1972 Beech B-19 Sport
Jim Klick
1st Production Pitts S1S
Pete Pilcher
One Design
Perry Rhoads
Robinson R22
Chuck Roberts
Pitts S1S
Carlos Santiago 
Pitts S1S
Roger Smith 
Pitts S1C
Jerry Spear
Pitts S1S

Link to Rogers Fish Fry 1999........................
Some Great photos

Special Links
Clipped Wing Cubs (Too)   http://members.tripod.com/KKUSHI/clippedwingcubs.html

One thing that we really like to do is to fly aerobatics.  Aerobatics, and aerobatic competition keep pilots on their toes.  Aerobatics are the proving grounds not only for pilots, but new aircraft design types.  Aircraft technology improves every time these pilots make modifications on their airplanes.  Sometimes I wonder if pilots like working on their airplanes more than aerobatic competition.  No mater what a pilot says, he spends more hours working on his airplane than he does flying it.  It's no doubt, airplanes are a lot of work. 
As a spectator, I like aerobatic competition and just plain aerobatic flying.  You can see when a pilot goes from one that can cleanly do the maneuvers to a pilot that can go from maneuver to maneuver as if it were a dance.  Aerobatic flying takes a lot of work and persistence.  Aerobatics also requires a lot of gas.   One pilot once told me that becoming a good pilot doesn't require all of the latest gadgets on your aircraft it requires a lot of gas in your aircraft.  In other words, instead of spending a lot of money on your airplane, spend that money on the airplane fuel.  This way you will learn the proper aerobatic maneuvers.   All I can say is that I've listened to the guys who knew how to fly and the guys who said that they knew how to fly and the putting the gas in your airplane theory seems to be the most correct.





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