Great Photos of a Robinson Helicopter all around the world


Perry Rhoads Fly's his Robinson Helicopter all around the world

Some Fun with the computer and background art 
by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Perry Rhoads Fly's his Robinson Helicopter R-22
Around the World
A little fun with the computer paint program.

  Click on photo for larger view

Perry flys his helicopterover the Pacific coast
Perry goes wild flying his Robinson R22 in Viet Nam
Seattle isn't too far for Perry and his trusty old Robinson R-22
Down to the Panama Canal.  This Robinson means business
Can you tell me where this place is?I bet this real nice Robinson knows.
Who is the passanger in Perry's Robinson R22?
It is! It is! 

Marilyn Sisson
Across the desert.  You're in good hands with a Robinson R-22
    More desert shots, as the sun sets
     A real IAC Chapter  61 member.  Guess where this is?

Click Here for some Close-up Views of Perry's Robinson Helicopter





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