A series of pictures of the First Pitts Special biplane

Jim Klick's 
Pitts Airplane Action Photo Page
The Worlds First Certificated Pitts.

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Jims pitts in the clouds
Jim is an eaa member and an iac member
This is the worlds 
very first 
Certificated Pitts. 
Built by Avitek, 
August 1973,
 owned by 
Mr. Jim Klick
whats this pitts areobatic airplane doing up in the clouds
aerobatics is the name of the game
aerobatic aircraft are the only way to go.
this Stewart S-51 mustang is faster than Jim's Pitts
On the Left is a Stewart S-51 built by Dan McGarry.
The Photo was 
taken by Jim Klick
in an old, fully restored, T-33

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