Photos of the
A-7 Corsair II Jet Fighter.

Photos from Andy Taylor.

From the Webmaster:  I am very sorry but I lost all information about Andy Taylor
All I have are these pictures of the A-7 that he took.

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A-7 Corsair II Attack Jet Fighter Aircraft
 More pictures of the A-7 Corsair II in Rebuild 
A picture of the Engine Bay on the A-7 Corsair II Light Attack Jet Fighter Aircraft
A Picture of the Vought A-7 Corsair II Wing


These A-7 Photos were taken by Andy Taylor.

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Designed as a replacement for the A-4 Skyhawk, the Corsair II first served in the  late stages of the Vietnam War and remained the primary U.S. Navy attack aircraft  until the mid-1980s.

The A-7E Corsair II is one of the most successful light attack military aircraft ever made.  It was manufactured by LTV Vought.  The A-7 is 46' long 16' high and has a wingspan of 38' 9"  It has an empty weight of 19,500 lbs and a max weight of 42,000 lbs.  the A-7 has one Allison TF-41 turbofan engine with no afterburner producing 15,000 lbs of thrust. The A-7A and B used the TF-30 Turbofan Engines.   The corsair has a top speed of 602 kts and a max range of 2280 nm.  
There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version.


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