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Alpha Jet, Great Picture of the Jet Trainer, Alpha Jet in a Knife Edge Maneuver. 

alpha jets, jets from the Belgian Air Force
Page 3

20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force

Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes
This is page 3 of the Alpha Jet Exhibit.  The Alpha Jet pulls into a hard right bank over Belgium. 
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This is another photo from the Book
20 years of Alpha Jet
in the Belgian Air Force

by Marc Arys


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A Belgian Air Force Alpha Jets squadron aircraft starts a high G climbing right turn

Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

The Alpha Jet AT25 with "Pat" Deschrijver is doing a lovely Knife Edge.

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A letter from Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Wilfried "Bill" Tersago

Belgium can not be called an aviation minded country:  Old airfields are being closed or submitted to stronger restrictions,  noise nuisance has become a key word and flight safety at Airshows is much more important than any other aspect of aviation.

We may be happy that an aviation enthusiast as Marc Arys does exist, who spared no pains as to make a positive minded approach to aviation in general and to the Belgian Air Force in particular.  In his book you now have in front of you , you can see he did not spare any effort nor cost to make it easy readable and attractive.

This study of the Alpha Jet arrives at the time the F-16 demands the major part of attention.  After the Kosovo-crisis the fighter from General Dynamics will probably own his place in aviation history.  It is hereby very important to point out that our complete generation of F-16 flyers received their instruction in the Alpha Jet and that all those young pilots did not encounter any problem to switchover from one plane to the other.

I still have left the best memories of the Alpha Jet:  it was a smooth and easy aeroplane, not a real war machine, but a tool in which you could bring instruction to a very high standard, because afterwards, as I said, it was on the F-16.  Having given for about 600 hours of instruction in it, I can really call it "a pilot's plane".

The reader will find in this book information about every aspect of the Alpha Jet: history and development, use, instruction, maintenance, a bunch of photographs and drawings for the model builders and a lot of technical data.  A series of illustrations make it a real complete book by which I wish you already hours of enjoyable reading.


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Marc Arys Ter Bronnenlaan 10 1910 Kampenhout Belgium

marcarys@telenet.be   /    http://www.alphajet.be/




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