Japanese Aviation Art Exhibit, Attacking a B-26 Marauder

Japanese WWII Aviation Art An Air Battle on the Offing of Lae
WWII Historical Exhibit.

Japanese Mitsubishi F1M-2 'Pete' Amphibious Airplane
Here are a few real sharp Aviation Art prints from WWII showing the Japanese Imperial Navy in an Air Battle on te offing of Lae.  A Japanese Zero crashes into a B-26 Marauder.  These are very rare propaganda art prints and can be purchased from the email address below the picture.  

Photo to the Left: The Type-O seaplane was a biplane designed to a Japanese Navy requirement  for an observation and reconnaissance aircraft, also capable of defending itself  when faced with fighter opposition. Used throughout WWII, it was successfully  used to hunt and destroy enemy submarines in addition to its reconnaissance  tasks.

Here are some rare WWII Propaganda Aviation Art Paintings. Very Rare Prints made by the Japanese artist in WWII.

(13) WAPA221  Painting by Shigenobu Ishikawa  An Air Battle on the Offing of Lae    If you fire away all your shot, crash yourself against an enemy. Zero fighter dashing himself against B-26 Marauder.

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Art Print (13) WAPA221
Painting by Shigenobu Ishikawa

An Air Battle on the Offing of Lae

If you fire away all your shot, crash yourself against an enemy.
Zero fighter dashing himself against B-26 Marauder.

Japanese Calendar, Century 2605.  The printing on the right side of the print.  All Japan Art Society, President Hiro Ishi.

A note from the Webmaster.  I had all of these pages translated.  It took an elderly Japanese lady and a Chinese lady to make the translation, but even they could not give me an exact translation because of that the text that is used is actually a pre war version of the Japanese language.  Also, when I looked at my notes on the translation and then at the web pages, I noticed that the index references that I used may have the translations on the wrong pages, please excuse me, but I am doing the very best that I can.  Thank you very much, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.



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