34th Fighter Squadron, with P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, in 1944 Ie Shima one of the Japanese islands of World War 2

Japanese WW2 Aviation Art
This Letter is written in an Old Japanese Text

WW2 Historical Exhibit.

This is a Great Collection of Japanese WW2 Aviation propaganda Art. Here is the included letter written in an old Japanese Script. 

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Japanese WW2 Propaganda Aviation Art Prints. These are Very Rare Art Prints made in Japan in WW2.

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This is a Great Collection of Japanese WW2 Aviation propaganda Art.
Here is the included letter written in an old Japanese Script.

This letter is from Mr. Niigata who tried to translate some of the text on the package that this aviation art was found in. 

Page 2 . I don’t know where is came from, but the only sentence that make sense to me is ,  “jyouzai Senjyoo” means “always at battle field” a maxim well liked by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. The way I understand it he wrote this maxim any time any place he was asked to write something.  Sorry, but that all I can say on this page.


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A note from the Webmaster.  The following translation is a very loose translation and is not an exact literal translation.  When we worked on the translation we found that each section of the above document seemed to be a similar repeat of the previous section.  The translation was made by to ladies, one Japanese lady Nobukosan, and a Chinese Lady Sanh Luong, who lived in Viet Nam during the Viet Nam war.  She was what was considered a Boat Person who escaped from Viet Nam after the war in incredibly over crowed boats through the South China Sea.  Below is the translation. 

Top Section:

Japanese Pacific Ocean Art Society, Navy Provence.

All Japan Navy Headquarters helping this publicity.

Special Duty for Selected People (Reporter) for this Record.

Our troop and aggressive and winning spirits for first line experience for fighting from 8th December, start with fighting.

Now we are opening fight and all Japan people never defeat spirit.  Lion spirit against America.  At time like this fighting spirit.  We have to show all Japan the Spirit Mighty Ocean Idea - such a historical moments. 

Bottom Section:

Navy Art Society Published this Japan China Record of Navy War Operation Record.

Navy artist we have recommendation from therefore we cone out with all of this publicity from society.

To fighting with American WW2 start WW2 whole world know that over Emperor is very brave.

Today we have record and drawing to copy art.

We believe this writing exhibit is historical meaningful is very important to do this.

This picture is very sacred.

And this day may we exhibit this mostly this during WW2 time.  Most to the South area Navy, Okinawa 43.  May even people who view this exhibit it will be historical memorial exhibit. Most memorial exhibit of all. 

Lower Left Side:

All Japan Art Society President Ishi Hiro.

This is a Historical Writing Report, Will be meaningful, Chinese Calendar 18-June 1943

Left Side, Top.  
Japanese Navy Publicity Chief Publisher Kan Oki.
Japanese Navy Publicity One Star General Hideo Wano

Sponsored by Navy Headquarters.  Recommended for all Japan Navy Museum Society, WW2 Navy Art. 

This introduction on the cover was made in 1953.

This document is helpful for whoever discover later.

Another Webmasters Note:  It was said, during our translation session, that there was a possibility that this document and these art pictures should have been destroyed before the end of WW2, when Japan knew that they were not going to win the war.  

The translator appeared to indicate that when Japan knew that they were losing the war, these pictures were a disgrace to the Emperor and to all of Japan.  However, as the translation mentions on another page an inscription says.  "When you keep, please keep in safe place."  Above the document says, may the people who view this exhibit understand that it will be a historical exhibit, the most memorial exhibit of all.   So this exhibit was to be hidden until a time of today, when it is a historical document and not a disgrace to the country. 

As I mentioned in the Japanese Surrender Exhibit,  Japan did not lose the war, they just ended it.  Emperor Hirohito fought his own generals to end the war.  Look at the Japanese Surrender Exhibit to understand what I am saying.  If the Generals had their way, Japan would have fought to the very last person, and then Japan would have indeed lost.  By the way, today I have a collection of eight Japanese motorcycles, my truck is made in Japan and most of the electronics that I have are also made in Japan.  Japan did not lose the war, Hirohito was very smart, he just ended the fighting.

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