Picture of a F-14 Tomcat taking off of the USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63 Aircraft Carrier


The US Navy Alert 15, F-14 Tomcat Flies off of
the USS Kitty Hawk, VA-192 A-7's on Deck.



You can barely see the F-14 in the air
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Take a look at the very center of this photo up in the air. you can barely see it, but there is an F-14 that just took off from the angle deck. It is located just above the search light in the middle of the picture. 

Click Here's the way it works. While in hostile waters, there are two planes always on the catapults and one which is ready to be put on the catapults. These are the Alert 5, Alert 15, and the Alert 20.   The pilots from the Alert 5 are always in the jets with their flight suits on and are ready to be off the deck so they can intercept any aircraft before it reaches the 200 mile defence border around the 0009892148 width=413 align="left" alt="USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier Picture">aircraft carrier. The pilots from the Alert 15 are in the ready room all suited up and they must be in the air with fifteen minutes of an aircraft approaching the carrier group. I don't know the status of the Alert 20 pilots, but they must be able to be in the air within 20 minutes. If anyone knows how this alert process works better than described please let me know.

The golden tails you see here are the ones of VA-192 the World Famous Golden Dragons. They now use F-18's and are called VFA-192 from Lemoore Ca. If you can find it at the video store, there is a movie about VA-192 called The Bridges At Toko Ri.  starring William Holden. Look below to read more about this movie. 


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0792110269 Video about VA-192 Jet Fighters, bridges at Toko Ri
0792110269Order a Movie
about VA-192
The World Famous
Golden Dragons
"The Bridges at Toko Ri"

amazone.com Review
A powerful study of courage in the face of irrational odds, The Bridges at Toko-Ri (based on James Michener's novel) is no less patriotic than many other war films
, but it dispenses with gung-ho bluster to focus instead on the very real and tragic consequences of war. This is also one of the first films to openly criticize the morality of the Korean War while praising the honor and integrity of the men who fought it. Lt. Harry Brubaker (William Holden) is one of those men, with one difference: A lawyer with a loving wife (Grace Kelly) and two young daughters, he's been recalled to duty from the Navy Reserve, and reluctantly accepts his mission to fly with a bomber-jet squadron over one of the Communists' most heavily protected targets--the strategically vital bridges in the Korean canyon of Toko-Ri.
Brubaker has his own noble protection, from his fellow pilots (including Charles McGraw in a fine supporting role), his admiring admiral (Frederic March), and from the helicopter scouts (Mickey Rooney and Earl Holliman) who've saved his life on previous missions. But his ambivalence--and his fear that the Toko-Ri mission will be his last--is what gives the film its potent emotional impact. Holden is perfect in his role, and director Mark Robson steadfastly avoids any false sentiment or macho theatrics that would diminish the film's devastating climax. The Bridges at Toko-Ri in Korea is also a superlative showcase for Naval operations; the aerial sequences earned an Oscar for special effects, and complete Navy cooperation assures total authenticity in the "flat-top" aircraft carrier scenes. For these and other reasons, this will remain a timeless classic for anyone seeking to comprehend the emotional maelstrom of warfare. --Jeff Shannon


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