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Fighter Aircraft from World War 1 to modern Fighter Jets, Airplane Movies, Videos, & DVD Movies.
on a link below to go to the military fighter of your choice.  The list of fighter aircraft is growing and being set up in historical significance.  From World War 1 fighter aircraft to the modern fighter jets you will see technological development through the ages by looking at these movies from the old movies to the new DVD movies. 

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60 Degrees North at 500 Feet - DVD   00V9950
60 Degrees North at 500 Feet - DVD

Above the 60th parallel lies a land of rugged wilderness and scenic splendor. Now, you can enter that grand stage from the co-pilot seat of a de Havilland Beaver - the gold standard of bush planes - for an epic 2,000-mile journey over mountain ranges, vast expanses of tundra, immense glaciers, magnificent waterfalls and more. Produced to be viewed again and again, this DVD is sparse in narration but rich in scenery and music to show you the northern wilderness as few have ever seen it. Widescreen, 1 hr. 6 min.



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( Flight of the Intruder )  ( Roaring Glory Warbirds )  ( Top Gun )


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