History of  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez,  Airline Pilot, Military Pilot, Crop Duster Aircraft Pilot.  

This is the History of Airlines Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez flying many types of aircraft from the Beech 18, to Crop Dusters to the Boeing B-25.  Captain Dominguez has over ten thousand hours in the air and now has over 3100 models that he built.  These models are all 1/72 Scale and very nicely built.
Historia del capitn Roberto Prez Domnguez, piloto de lnea area, piloto militar, piloto de aeronaves de cultivos plumero.
Esta es la historia de Aerolneas Capitn Roberto Prez Domnguez muchos tipos de vuelo de las aeronaves de la Haya 18, a los cultivos Dusters a los Boeing B-25. Capitn Domnguez cuenta con ms de diez mil horas en el aire y ahora tiene ms de 3100 modelos que construy. Estos modelos son los 1 / 72 escala y muy bien construido.


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  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez in 2009 

Born November 13, 1930

I am very sorry to say that Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez has passed away on
the 2th of July 2009. 
He was a good friend of mine and I will miss him forever.
Mr. Dominguez was a very good man and he helped his country and community very, very much.
Now it is time to put an end to his story and thank him for all that he has done.

Roberto's grandson, Jerry, has written a letter to me about this bad news, but now he must do
something with all of these models that were so nicely built.  You can contact Jerry at this phone number or email address.
Jerry Castellanos or Beatrice Perez  210-678-9342Email Jerry_Cast@yahoo.com
Please Help.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


Lo lamento mucho decir que el capitn Roberto Prez Domnguez ha fallecido en
el 2 de julio de 2009. Era un buen amigo mo y yo le pierda para siempre.
El Sr. Domnguez fue un muy buen hombre y que l ayud a su pas y la comunidad muy, muy mucho.
Ahora es el momento de poner fin a su historia y darle las gracias por todo lo que ha hecho.
El nieto de Roberto, Jerry, ha escrito una carta dirigida a m acerca de esta mala noticia, pero ahora que debe hacer
algo con todos estos modelos que fueron tan bien construido.
Puede ponerse en contacto con Jerry en este nmero de telfono o direccin de correo electrnico.
Jerry Castellanos 210-678-9342 Correo electrnico
Ayuda, por favor. Jeff C. Dyrek, Webmaster.


  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez
  Newspaper Article 


Born in Mexico City on November 30, 1930.  Chip grew up and took a little flight instruction.  He entered into the school of aviation on 5 May and then graduated as a commercial pilot aviator in 1952. 

He flew as a military pilot in Oaxaca, based in Puebla, and then in Air Transport based on Tuxtia Gutierrez. 

He was a flight instructor at the School of Aviation, CIAAC, Mexico National School of Aviation and Aeronautics for Pan America.  For several seasons he worked as an agricultural pilot in various regions of the country.

He flew the following aircraft: Interstate, Luscombe, Stearman, Fairchild C-60 LodeStar, Douglas B-18, Avro Anson IV, Douglas C-39 and DC-3, Talorcraft, Piper Cherokee, B-25 Mitchel and Lockeed PB-2.

When he left the profession, he had more than 10,000 flight hours and currently is engaged in activities not related to aviation.  He has 3146 airplanes in his collection with model planes from around the world from different times.


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Squadron 5 De Mayo
  Squadron 5 De Mayo 

Squadron 5, Beech 18 Aircraft.

  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez in 2009 

This is a photo of me in the middle without the hat.


  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez in 2009 

Stearman Aircraft

  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez
  Part of his Collection on his Ceiling 


  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez
  Part of His Collection on the Shelves

  All Mexican Model Airplane Kits

Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez
  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez in 2009 

This is the Master at work


  Captain Roberto Perez Dominguez in 2009 


Bellanca Sky Rocket 2, Sea Plane
  Bellanca Sky Rocket 2, Sea Plane 


Blohm & Voss BV 238 V1G Sea Plane
  Blohm & Voss BV 238 V1G Sea Plane 

   Model Airplane Kits

Dornier DO K1 G-1
  Dornier DO K1 G-1 


Famous Douglas DC-3 Mexicana Airlines
  Famous Douglas DC-3 Mexicana Airlines 


Grumman Turbo Albatross UE
  Grumman Turbo Albatross UE 


Handley Page HP 42 Imperial Airways London England
  Handley Page HP 42 Imperial Airways London England 


HFB-320 Hanza Civil
  HFB-320 Hanza Civil 

Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft Models Below

Pitts S2A
  Pitts S2A 

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  Many Famous Pitts Airplanes
  and Real Aircraft Building Procedures 

Pitts S1S
  Pitts S1S Aerobatic Aircraft 


Pitts S1A Christian Eagle
  Pitts S1A Christian Eagle 

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Dear Roberto,
I thought that this would be a nice model to add to your collection. You probably already have one of these but this one was made in Russia. I bought this in Moscow in 2002 on my way back from the North Pole. I told you about the toy store before. They had more models than any toy store than I have ever seen. It tells a lot about the people and how smart they are. Smart people build models. Dumb people spend their time on drugs. In the United States the kids rarely build models. My friend, who owns a hobby shop, said that it is only older guys like me that buy models. Kids never buy models anymore. When I look at the kids walking down the street, I see zombies instead of kids. I am very sorry to say this, our kids are lost and that means that America is lost. I really believe that this told in the Bible. America is one of the signs of the last days before Jesus returns. When I look at the crime and drugs in our kids, I can see that the Bible is telling the truth. Thank you very much for being a good example for kids to follow. Your model collection has with no doubt influenced many kids to do things that make their future better. I hope that you enjoy this model airplane. I would appreciate if you would send me some pictures of it when it is finished. Thanks again and have a good day,

Estimado Roberto,
Pens que este sera un buen modelo para aadir a su coleccin. Probablemente ya tiene uno de estos, pero este fue un hecho en Rusia. He comprado este en Mosc en 2002 en mi camino de regreso desde el Polo Norte. Le dije a usted acerca de la tienda de juguetes antes. Haban ms modelos que cualquier tienda de juguetes que he visto nunca. Se dice mucho sobre las personas y de qu modo lo son. Construir modelos de las personas inteligentes. Tonta la gente pasa su tiempo en materia de drogas. En los Estados Unidos los nios rara vez construir modelos. Mi amigo, que es duea de una tienda de hobby, dice que slo es gente de ms edad como yo que comprar los modelos. Los nios nunca comprar modelos ms. Cuando miro a los chicos caminando por la calle, veo zombies en lugar de nios. Lo lamento mucho decir esto, nuestros hijos se pierden y eso significa que Estados Unidos est perdido. Creo realmente que este dijo en la Biblia. Amrica es uno de los signos de los ltimos das antes de que Jess regrese. Cuando miro en la delincuencia y las drogas en nuestros hijos, puedo ver que la Biblia est diciendo la verdad. Muchas gracias por ser un buen ejemplo para los nios a seguir. Su modelo de coleccin sin duda ha influido en muchos nios a hacer las cosas que hacen que su futuro mejor. Espero que disfrutes de este modelo de avin. Le agradecera si usted enviarme algunas fotos de l cuando ha terminado. Gracias de nuevo y tener un buen da,


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