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 A Picture of the Pitts S1-S Wing Ribs.

Picture of the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Ribs.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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You can see in the picture above,
the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft is really built from small
pieces of wood strips, some covered with mahogany plywood.

Next morning I went to the local lumberyard, bought some wood to make the rib jigs and started ordering the material from Wicks. When the wood for the ribs arrived I was ready. I just had to get (1) rib made NOW! So I started cutting the material per the material list on the print. Now then I have all the pieces cut for (1) rib – the print says you glue these pieces together and hold them in place with small nails. I had ordered this glue and nails from Wicks at the same time. But the more I looked at this and thought about gluing and nailing the ribs together – well it just didn’t sound like that was going to be strong enough, so a call to Aviat (one of many calls). They were very helpful and explained how they did it. After he explained it to me, I told him it still didn’t sound strong enough. I built the first rib and set it aside to dry. The next day I took the rib and was amazed at how light and strong this rib actually was (but I still didn’t think it was strong enough).




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