Eddie Shaboo Training the Seabees with Super Judo Instruction in WW2 Ie Shima Island

Eddie Shaboo. Wrestler,
Training the Seabees Judo in WW2

Former Wrestler, Eddie Shaboo, is giving Super Judo Instruction in the Central Pacific Area  
Shaboo is known as "Chief Judo" to thousands of Seabees he has trained,
and before entering the service.
Photos donated by

Mary E. Shaboo, Program Support Assistant
Health Care for Homeless Veterans


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Eddie Shaboo, Wrestler,
Giving Super Judo Instruction in the Central Pacific in WW2


Shaboo Training the Seabees.

Former Local Wrestler Giving Super Judo Instruction in Central  Pacific Area -- Ed (Hewitt) Hoot Aiding Him in Mat Shows.

Eddie Shaboo well known in local wrestling circles years ago.  is now in charge of the "Super" Judo program for the Seabees in the Central Pacific area,  and recently  drew high praise in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.  J. Gordon Mullings, formerly the Judo Instructor, former Wrestler, Eddie Shaboo, trains the US Seabees Super JudoEagle-Tribune job pringting department.  In company with Eddit Huot and "Red" Covey,  were at a smoker in the area one night when Mullings recognized the name and introduced himself to Shaboo.  Huot, who wrestled under the name of Ed "Cement" Hewitt.  Locally, is wrestling in the weakly shows in that territory and up to the time of Mulling's' letter, was undefeated and rapidly nearing a head line bout.  Shaboo enlisted Huot's aid in staging his wrestling programs for Seabees.

Shaboo is known as "Chief Judo" to thousands of Seabees he has trained, and before entering the service.  Shaboo was a wrestler with traveling shows, where he found the purses more lucrative than working for a promoter.  He has a total of 17 championships bouts in his collection and won the world's middleweight crown back in 1934, and won the U. S. Fleet. Welter and the middleweight titles and also the New England 147-pound crown.  Shaboo was in the Hawaiian Islands back in 1920 when he was on the USS Wyoming, While back in 1939 Shaboo personally gave super judo instruction to the White House police force.

Photos donated by Mary E. Shaboo


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A Letter from Mary

Anyway, I wish I could send you the whole album, so you could peruse.    I also have an article about Tom Mix betting 10,000 on Dad to pin 3  heavyweights in 15 minutes.  He did and Tom Mix gave him a diamond  ring.  Hoot Gibson's name, also, is in that article.  He dated Ida Lapino's sister also at one time and I have a photo of her and him.


Biography information about Ida Lupino
Date of Birth
February 4th, 1914 in Camberwell, London, England
She was the daughter of actress Connie O'Shea.  She made her first film appearance in 1931 in "The Love Race."  She also appeared in the films "They Drive by Night," "High Sierra"  " Road House," "The Hitch-Hiker," "Hard Fast and Beautiful," and "On Dangerous Ground."
Date of Death
August 3rd, 1995 in Los Angeles, California.
She died from a stroke while battling colon cancer.

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