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C-47 Skytrain (Military Version) / DC-3 Dakota (Civilian Version)

This page covers videos and movies of the C-47 Skytrain and the DC-3 Dakota. 
Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane. 

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 C-47 Skytrain / DC-3 Dakota.






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A Living Legend - DVD" 166"00V8870 00V8870
A Living Legend - DVD

The DC-3. Take a look at the legendary DC-3 - now in service for nearly 70 years! You will meet the people who keep them running and the pilots who fly them as you take part in the walk around; see engine start-ups, taxiing, takeoffs and landings; and fly in the cockpit. Awesome DC-3 action, so strap yourself in and live the legend! 1 hr. 15 min.
American Airlines Douglas DC-3 - DVD 00V7400
American Airlines Douglas DC-3 - DVD

Visit to Vancouver, BC.
This program follows the flight of a restored American Airlines DC-3 - which was originally delivered to American Airlines in 1937 - to Vancouver International Airport in September, 2007, showing you spectacular footage from the flight deck, cabin and exterior from takeoff to landing as well as amazing views of the scenic British Columbia coast. Widescreen, 1 hour.
079074774X Objective Burma

Errol Flynn. Paratroopers in "43" 
into Burma. The C-47s take them in and supplies them throughout the movie.... 
Suggestion by Tom Esterly
A paratroop captain (Errol Flynn) sets out with a platoon to attack a Japanese outpost in the jungle. The Americans reach their target,  take out the enemy with almost balletic precision, then gear up to return home. This feels like the point when a conventional war movie  would have reached its action-filled climax, but the journey has only begun. Ahead lies one of the most arduous and agonizing adventures  any World War II film ever offered, brilliantly directed by that underrated old master Raoul Walsh and photographed with almost tactile  realism by the great James Wong Howe.

The chief rap against Objective, Burma! (of concern mainly to British observers) is that it suggests that only U.S. forces contested the Japanese in the jungles of Burma. (OK, so it's not the most accurate history lesson.) But that's small beer in view of the movie's bone-chilling portrayal of pain, sacrifice, and endurance. The jungle atmosphere is so persuasive, you'd swear it was shot on the actual locations (though in fact Walsh effectively reworked many of the same situations in Distant Drums, a sort-of Western about the Seminole War, six years later). You'll never forget the terrifying last dark night on a mountainside--or the crocodiles.... Flynn is excellent (he had given his best performance ever in Walsh's Gentleman Jim three years earlier), and he's backed by a solid cast including Henry Hull (as an aging war correspondent), James Brown, William Prince, George Tobias, and Stephen Richards (soon to change his name to Mark Stevens). Incidentally, two of the writers, Alvah Bessie and Lester Cole, were later blacklisted; see if you can spot any Commie propaganda. --Richard T. Jameson

00V8033354 width=200 align=BOTTOM> 00V8033
Mission Vietnam

Running time 1:23 TAC in Action 1964 - A survey of the Tactical Air Command, its  aircraft and its mission. Footage of the F-84F, F-100D, F-104 and F-105 in firepower demonstrations. TAC counter-insurgency forces also shown. Air Power in Action 1966: The U.S. Air Force in Vietnam - An overview of the entire USAF mission in  Vietnam with short clips of each aircraft type and the role it played. Close air  support, B-52 strikes, and Ranch Hand missions spraying a "harmless herbicide." The  Screaming Eagles in Vietnam 1967 - The arrival of the 101st Airborne Division and its  first year of operations. Includes helicopter operations, ground fighting and close air support. United States Air Force: Combat Photography 1968 - "COM-DOC", combat documentation of USAF operations in Vietnam. 600th Photo Squadron flew in strike aircraft recording bombing, strafing and napalm drops. Sequences on AC-47 Dragon gunships, and awesome B-52 strikes.

00V8033352 width=200 align=BOTTOM> 00V8067
Thunder Over Vietnam
Running time 1:12 Three films of USAF missions over Vietnam. The 25 Hour Day - Story of the F-105. Depicts the Thud’s interdiction mission cutting Viet Cong supply  lines. Mission profile from briefing, bombing up, aerial refueling, the mission, return..  and rescue by the Jolly Green, only to begin again for the next round. Tactical Air Power - Demonstrations of the latest striking power of the Tactical Air Command Weapons deliveries, assault airlifts, close air support and photo-recon missions.  F-105s, F-111s... incredible low level footage. U.S. Air Forces in Vietnam - Portrait of  almost every aircraft that flew in Vietnam... B-57s, RF-4Cs, F-105s, C-123s defoliating the jungles. O-1E’s sticking their necks out, and you hear the air-to-air  conversations, the horrible fury of the C-47 Spooky’s Gatling gun, plus C133s, C141s and more.00V8067
  6303954766DC-3 in the Caribbean 


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Together We Stand Christmas Cards" hspace="10"0060906141"> 0060906
Together We Stand Christmas Cards

Philip West. Share your love of aviation history with this set of ten beautiful Christmas cards featuring a C-47 Skytrain in D-Day invasion stripes taking a break from the action on a cold winter morning. Message inside reads, "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year." Measures a generous 8"x 4" and includes envelopes.
On the Youth of America

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