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Gilbert Bliss

Gilbert has been great help to the museum listings and Veterans Pages.

Gil has been a great help, for a long time, in making sure that the aviation museum sections at YellowAirplane are accurate and complete.

We thank Gilbert for all of his help.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.     Go back to the Aircraft Museum Main Index

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Gilbert Bliss
Gil has been a great help for a long time in making sure that the aviation museum sections at YellowAirplaneare accurate and complete.
We thank Gilbert for all of his help.

With out dating myself the A/C I worked on in the  Navy were F8F-2's, TBM's, PV-2's, also R4D's, R5D's.  Spent some time in the Harpoon, it was a good flyer very maneuverable.    When I retired I was with VP-65 at Pt Mugo CA.  I was either a Prairie Dog Sailor or Pacific Fleet

Continental Air Lines had some DC-3's, Convair's, DC-6's, DC-7's and were starting to get Viscounts when I started working for them. I spent some time in LA, Hawaii with them. 

 I have seen some airplanes. Retired CAL A/C Mech, Navy CPO
 Have A Nice Day

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The complete story of the Gee Bee Airplane company Showing all of the Aircraft and the R1 Racer.  This is not the story that most pilots talk about.
by June Granville
Exhibit Added 20-Apr-2001
Exhibit Completely Rebuilt 5-July-2007

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Gee Bee Racers, the Gee Bee Super Sportster



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