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Pool Power West" hspace="10" src="
Hanggie. This book features pooled, leased and borrowed motive power of the major western roads. Burlington Northern, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Amtrak prior to the mega-mergers of the 1990s. Some of the motive power lash-ups are unbelievable! 160 pgs., full-color photographs throughout, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Rails Across New England 1989-1999, Volume 2" hspace="10" src=" Rails Across New England 1989-1999, Volume 2.
Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island, Solomon & Confalone.
This heavily illustrated, full-color book examining the myriad of changes that swept across southern New England states from 1989-1999 covers Conrail, CSX, Boston & Maine, Central Vermont, New England Central, Providence & Worcester, Amtrak, Metro North, Bay Colony, Pioneer Valley, Central New England, and others. Includes color system maps! 128 pages, 250+ color photographs, 12"x 8?", soft cover.
Route of the Rockets Route of the Rockets.
Rock Island in the Streamlined Era. Stout. Rock Island's streamlined era lasted 43 years and featured many of America's greatest passenger trains. Trace the heritage that began with the re-born Rockets in 1937 and ultimately included signature trains such as the Golden State Limited and Arizona Limited. You'll get a detailed look at the equipment RI rostered - which included a plethora of liveries and builders - and see how this streamlined fleet survived well into the Amtrak era. 175 pgs., 250 color and B&W photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Santa Fe Passenger Trains in California" hspace="10" src="
Santa Fe Passenger Trains in California.
From the 1940s Thru Amtrak and More
Dorin. This heavily illustrated volume tells the story of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway's passenger trains - including Rail Diesel Cars - in California from the first streamliner through Amtrak California-branded trains such as the Capitol Corridor and the San Joaquin. 90 pages, 8?"x 11?", 196 B&W and color photographs and illustrations, hardcover.
Super Chief and El Capitan" hspace="10" src=" Super Chief and El Capitan.
Dorin. This book chronicles the history of the Santa Fe's world-class Super Chief and El Capitan from the trains' advent through their 1958 "merger" and their integration into Amtrak's fold. Lavish photography, descriptive text, a host of unique memorabilia, and more showcase the equipment, amenities and operations of both streamliners. 100 pages, 100+ B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 11, hardcover.
The Milwaukee Road Passenger Train Services" hspace="10" src=" The Milwaukee Road Passenger Train Services.

From the Hiawatha Era to Amtrak and Beyond
Dorin. This book showcases the Milwaukee Road's classy, high-speed passenger trains from the 1930s' steam-powered Hiawatha up to the early 1970s streamliners. You'll savor the road's pristine motive power and rolling stock, enjoy a look at nostalgic timetables and advertisements, and see why many felt Milwaukee Road's passenger service was the finest anywhere. 144 pages, 200 color and B&W photographs, 8?"x 11," hardcover.

We Took the Train" hspace="10" src=" We Took the Train.
"A delightful anthology." - Los Angeles Times.
"Will prove stimulating to anyone interested in the story of rail travel." - Railroad History.
Grant. This book offers twenty-one stirring personal accounts - from the 1830s into the Amtrak era - of train travel across the United States. Capturing the romance, struggles, and perils of rail travel, the stories tell of a high speed cab ride in the 20th Century Limited, an arduous trip on a rickety branch line, the journey on a troop train, a grim trek aboard a prisoner-of-war boxcar, and more. 205 pages, 36 B&W photographs and illustrations; 7"x 10", hardcover.
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Amtrak Railroading Book Store, Model Train Books, Amtrak Railroad Books, Amtrak Railroad History Books, New Amtrak Railroad Books.



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