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Amtrak Railroad Books.

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California Region Timetable #19.
A must-have for every "Golden State" railfan, this 2008 timetable covering all the railroads and rail lines in California features station listings, locomotive rosters, Amtrak schedules, color maps, radio frequencies and other valuable information. 104 pages, 4"x 10?", soft cover.
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What Went Wrong and What to Do About America's Passenger Trains. Vranich. Although he worked to create Amtrak and lobbied on behalf of federal funds for Amtrak's Acela Express program, Joseph Vranich declares Amtrak a failure and calls for a carefully planned liquidation. In this book, he proposes that new public and private entities replace Amtrak and run trains on routes that have the greatest chance of success. The book describes how to devolve, regionalize, franchise and privatize rail passenger service in the U.S. 258 pgs.,
6"x 9", hardbound.
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EMD's Classic Cowl Units.
Graham-White. EMD's classic cowl units are revered by many as the most famous second generation diesel locomotive of all time. This book takes an in-depth look at these sleek diesels beginning with FP45 passenger units on the Santa Fe and Milwaukee Road to F45 freight versions deployed by Great Northern and Burlington Northern. Book also covers test units, Amtrak's SDP40Fs and the F40C used for commuter service. 136 pgs., 265 color photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
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End of the Line.
The Failure of Amtrak Reform and the Future of America's Passenger Trains
Vranich. "An excellent summary of Amtrak's long-standing credibility problem." - Barron's. In contending that federally subsidized Amtrak continues to resist meaningful reform and is not as essential to mobility as it claims, this book shows you how other nations - including Britain and Japan - have reformed their passenger rail networks. 282 pages, 6?"x 9", hardcover.
If I Never Get Back
If I Never Get Back.
Brock. In this whimsical story, Sam Fowler is taking a modern-day Amtrak train home to San Francisco when an unscheduled stop west of Cleveland gives him the opportunity to stretch his legs. Instead, Sam finds that time has stretched and mysteriously transported him back to 1869! Bewildered at first, Sam soon meets up with the Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball's first all-professional team, and rides the rails with them through all sorts of unusual encounters. 470 pages, 5?"x 8", soft cover.
Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana
Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana.
Sanders. Indiana was once a bustling passenger train crossroads, and this book offers a comprehensive look at intercity passenger service in the Hoosier state, from its early development in the mid-19th century to the Amtrak era. Each chapter summarizes the history and development of one railroad, including factors that shaped its passenger service and operations in Indiana. 256 pages, 87 B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Missouri Pacific in Color Volume 2
Missouri Pacific in Color Volume 2.
Screamin' Eagles
Boyd. Enjoy a big dose of exciting MoPac action during the "chop nose era" as you follow this rail icon from 1960 through the merger with Union Pacific in 1982. Includes reviews of motive power changes, pre-Amtrak passenger service and the complex 1974 renumbering and paint scheme programs. 128 pages, 225+ color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Be sure to also see Volume 1 of this series (R05239).
Missouri Pacific Passenger Trains
Missouri Pacific Passenger Trains.
The Postwar Years.
Dorin. This is the complete story of Missouri Pacific passenger trains and service from the first streamlined trains to the arrival of Amtrak in 1971. Nicknamed the Route of the Eagles, MoPac spanned from the Midwest all the way to Mexico, operating a diverse fleet of colorful passenger trains. Book includes car diagrams, consists, maps, timetables, advertising material and more. 128 pages, 175 B&W and color illustrations, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Northern Pacific Color Pictorial Volume Five Northern Pacific Color Pictorial Volume Five.
Domes, RDCs and Slumbercoaches.
Strauss, Jr. This book continues your look at the Northern Pacific's passenger operations (from Vol.4, R02833) from 1951 up through the merger into Burlington Northern. You'll see how the NP modernized it equipment with the latest streamliner cars and Budd RDCs, follow it signature names trains, get a glimpse of the Portland-Seattle Coast Pool trains and see the hand-off of passenger operations to Amtrak. 208 pgs., 330 color and B&W photos, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Be sure to also see:
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rice: 6
Pacific Coast Commuter Railroads Pacific Coast Commuter Railroads.
From San Diego to Anchorage
Dorin. This heavily illustrated book examines modern rail passenger services along the Pacific coast from San Diego to amtrak.
You'll view San Diego's Coaster, the Los Angeles MetroLink, Amtrak's Surfliner, San Francisco's Caltrain, the Altamont Commuter Express, Seattle's Sounder, Vancouver's West Coast Express, Anchorage transit, and more. Includes maps and timetables up to the year 2011, making this an ideal, up-to-date guide for traveling these lines! 112 pages, color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 11", soft cover.

Passenger Cars, Volume 3
Passenger Cars, Volume 3.
Solariums, Sleepers, Inspection Cars
Carstens. Punch your ticket for a detailed look at passenger cars. You'll view observation cars operated by Milwaukee Road, New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad; luxurious sleeper cars on the Super Chief, Broadway Ltd., Twentieth Century Ltd., California Zephyr, Phoebe Snow and the Hiawathas; an inspection car; an aquarium car; and a rebuild into an open observation car. You also get the complete 1973 Amtrak roster. 124 pages, 4 color and 140 B&W photos, 60 illustrations, 12"x 8?", soft cover. Be sure to also see the companion books: Passenger Cars Vol. 1, Pioneer and Wooden Cars, Heavyweight Steel Cars ()
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