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All kinds of Art Prints for Trains, If you love trains, you will love this railroad art section.

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Trains and Railroad Art.

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Vista Dome California Zephyr
Railroad Art Print

Ride along in the California Zephyr's beautiful dome car through this fabulous advertisement reproduction. 14"x 9?" print comes mounted in a 20"x 16" matte.
Price: $29.95

Land of the Chiefs
Rail Art Print

John Winfield. This print depicts PA #51 racing past one of Santa Fe's venerable  5011 class 2-10-4 steamers as a mirage-like image of the Santa Fe namesake "Chief" is seen in a distant cloud. 24"x 18" limited edition print is signed by the  artist.
Price: $39.95


Railroad Train Art Poster

John Winfield. The Texas Special rides again in this spectacular poster by artist  John Winfield. 18"x 24" poster is signed by the artist.
Price: $34.95

Memories of Minneapolis
Rail Art Print

Jim Jordan. In this memorable scene from the late 1920s, Great Northern's  mountain type engine #2517 leads the train across the Stone Arch Bridge of  Minneapolis, a national civil engineering landmark. Its contemporary neighbor, the Pillsbury Mills, provides an interesting historical contrast. 24?"x 17?" print is signed  by the artist.
Price: $84.95

The Hiawatha

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad. This fabulous print of the luxury  streamliner "Hiawatha" measures 14"x 9?" and arrives mounted in a 20"x 16" matte.  A great image of a real classic!
Price: $29.95


Sounds of Seattle

Jim Jordan. Great Northern's P-2 type engine #2509 rumbles across the Salmon Bay Bridge, a longstanding landmark of northwest Seattle, Washington. This  massive drawbridge was in service through the 1960s and provided the GN with  direct access to Seattle from the north along Puget Sound. Onlookers must have  had all their senses alerted with the sights and sounds of this mighty engine  crossing Salmon Bay. 24?"x 17?" print is signed by the artist.

Price: $84.95


Thunder and Lightning Stripes

John Winfield. This print depicts the "Central" at its zenith, with fast freights and  faster passenger trains radiating from New York to Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Cincinnati and St. Louis. 18"x 24" print is signed by the artist.

Price: $34.95



Santa Fe Legacy

John Winfield. Depicts the continuation of classic locomotives on the Santa Fe. Northern type #3751, FT #100 and Super Fleet Warbonnet #800, the first of their breed, are all "Class Engines." 18"x 24" limited edition print is signed by the artist.

Price: $34.95

Missouri Pacific in Austin

John Winfield. Three models of first generation diesels in the original blue and light  gray of the Missouri Pacific meet at Austin, Texas. An EMD F7, a GP-7 and an Alco  PA are represented. 24"x 18" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the  artist.

Price: $34.95

Crossroads of the Past

Jim Jordan. This wintry scene depicts the first of the "Orange Blossom Special" E4  diesel-electric locomotives at the gracious Victorian style depot in Hamlet, North Carolina. It's a busy stopover during the war years of the '40s with poignant  holiday farewells between soldiers and their loved ones. 30""x 21" print is signed by  the artist.

Price: $84.95

Foss River Crossing

Jim Jordan. This foggy scene depicts one of the Great Northern Railway electrics,  #5018, crossing the Foss River Bridge, built on the western slope of the Cascades in Washington. Originally made from timber in 1892, the bridge shown here is the  rebuilt bridge, created with steel in 1909. 25"x 19" print is signed by the artist.

Price: $84.95




From Poland to Pullman

One man's Story

How Jacob Dyrek made his journey from Poland to the community of Pullman on the south side of Chicago. The hardships he and men like him endured. 

by Lorri Timbs

Jacob Dyrek,  from poland to pullman


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