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John Story, Copilot of the B-17 Flying Fortress named "The Powerful Poodle".

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By September 17th 1944 John Story Was Flying into battle over Germany in the B-17 Flying Fortress named, "The Powerful Poodle."  This is the first of his letters back to his home, in those days of the war.

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John Story's letter dated 10-5-1977 in England
John Story's letter dated 10-5-1977 in England
John Story's letter dated 10-5-1977 in England

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By September 17th 1944 John Story Was Flying into battle over Germany in the B-17 Flying Fortress named, "The Powerful Poodle."  This is the first of his letters back to his home, in those days of the war dated Friday 10-6-1944 England.

Dear Mama & Daddy,
Received the "Package" today containing Ins, S. lotion, skin bracer.  Sure am glad to get it.  Received 2 9/23 9/26 mail from my mama! 9/18 from my dad and 4 from Doris.

Glad to get C.U's letter daddy but you didn't send his address so will have to wait till he writes before I can.

Just return from pass.  Visited London again.  Ate Chinese at swanky restaurant & French meal at a French restaurant.  Liked the Chinese food best than the French.  2 more passes close together so guess it will be some time before my next one.

Skipper is sitting on my bunk with me reading letters from his wife & Mother.  He is so anxious to hear that he is a "Pap."  Told him  that my mama was always asking if Poodle had her baby yet!  He's hoping it will be a boy.

We are getting World Series Game direct over loud speaker now.  It sure sounds good.  Miss milk shakes, hamburgers & hot dogs over here besides lots of other things.

Everyday I'm thankful to be an American.  Would hate to live over here.

Would like to see the roof on the house & know it helps the looks of "Home". 

Had couple cokes at Red Cross in London.  My they tasted good.  Went to some movies.  Saw - "Double Indemnity" & "Song of Bernadette".  Both were good, especially "Song of Bernadette"  British are crazy about American Movies. 

Good nite,
Lots & Lots of Love,
John, Jr.

Don't forget & Send Doris's Picture.

B00008LDO71789390957B00008LDO7">The Song of Bernadettee/irB00008LDO7 (1943)
Staring: x=13&ref%5F=nb%5Fss%5Fd&y=21&field-keywords=William%20Eythe&url=search-alias%3Daps1789390957">William EytheCharles BickfordVincent Henry King The story of a peasant girl Bernadette Soubirous, a poverty-stricken, pure hearted adolescent, who saw a vision, of a "Beautiful Lady" near her home town of Lourdes in 1858. The wondrous news spreads rapidly throughout France, leaving in its wake a variety of consequences: adoration, suspicion and greed among the people of Lourdes skepticism from the town doctor (Lee J. Cobb) charges of insanity from the town prosecutor (Vincent ) threats of physical punishment, then support and guidance from the Dean of Lourdes (Charles Bickford), who finally becomes convinced that the miracle has, indeed, taken place. Winner of four Academy Awards, including Best Actress and Best Score, this true story is both first-rate filmmaking and an inspiring tribute to faith, courage and the human spirit.

630507751717893909576305077517"> Double Indemnity
Double Indemnitye/ir6305077517 (1944)
Staring: search-alias=dvd&field-keywords=Fred%20MacMurray1789390957">Fred MacMurray Barbara Stanwyck Billy Wilder Director Billy Wilder (Sunset Boulevard) and writer Raymond Chandler (The Big Sleep) adapted James M. Cain's hard-boiled novel into this wildly thrilling story of insurance man Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray), who schemes the perfect murder with the beautiful dame Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck): kill Dietrichson's husband and make off with the insurance money. But, of course, in these plots things never quite go as planned, and Barton Keyes (Edward G. Robinson) is the wily insurance investigator who must sort things out. From the opening scene you know Neff is doomed, as the story is told in flashback; yet, to the film's credit, this doesn't diminish any of the tension of the movie. This early film noir flick is wonderfully campy by today's standards, and the dialogue is snappy ("I thought you were smarter than the rest, Walter. But I was wrong. You're not smarter, just a little taller"), filled with lots of "dame"s and "baby"s. Stanwyck is the ultimate femme fatale, and MacMurray, despite a career largely defined by roles as a softy (notably in the TV series My Three Sons and the movie The Shaggy Dog), is convincingly cast against type as the hapless, love-struck sap. --Jenny Brown



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