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35mm SLR Cameras are still used and are still very powerful giving you much more resolution than the
digital cameras.  After talking to one of my friends at Kodak, he told me that the 35mm SLR Camera
with ASA 25 film has about 40 mega pixels.  Pixels he said were picture units.  The grain on the 35mm film
could be looked at as pixels.  When you look at the faster 35mm film grain you notice that the faster the
film, the larger the film grain particles.  I still have two 35mm film cameras myself, but I am personally moving
to all digital cameras.  My camcorder is a Sony VX-2000 and my digital camera is the Minolta Dimage 7i.  I have
two minolta 35mm film cameras which are sitting in the camera drawer and haven't been used for quite some

When I was making this series of camera store pages, I was looking at the Contax Digital with a 10+
Mega Pixel resolution.  There are a couple of factors that I really liked about the digital camera over the 35mm
film camera.  These are that I don't need to get the film developed.  This saves me a lot of time running to the
store and back, but the big time saver is that with the digital, I don't have to scan the pictures into the computer
A couple of other great features on the digital camera are that there are no dirt spots in developing, no chemical
spots, found in developing, and no pinholes in the film itself which leave spots on the printed pictures.

I really cannot think of any of the advantages that a 35mm camera over the digital camera except that the
35mm camera has a higher resolution, if you have a very good film scanner.  I'm personally moving to
all digital, it's easier than the 35mm counterpart..  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.




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