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Links to the Top Aviation Websites with the best and most popular aviation articles for pilots.  Also a great link exchange site for webmasters site promotion needs.  Keeping the top aviation websites in everyone's eye promotes technology, advancement and education.  Get right down to it and look right here for the top and best websites on the web.
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(Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter Listing


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Here for the biggest Aviation Link Site Ever, AirNet

Free Sports Equipment Ads, Includes all sorts of Aviation and Skydiving.


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Airplane Charters
Jet Charter New York City Jet Charter.201-400-3126
Viza Private Jet Charter  +44 (0) 208-185-0530  Viza Jet private jet charter s are calculated and updated every minute. Customers benefit from a superior service at the current market rate.
Era Aviation  Book Era Aviation Flight Tickets with Fare Buzz. Get discounted deals of Era Aviation Economy Class Airfares. Book online or call 1-888-808-4123.

Custom Made Airplane Models 
Airborne Replicas produces one of a kind original replicas, hand carved from Philippine Mahogany and hand painted to your specifications.  They are custom made from scratch and are not mass produced.

Cessna Personal Aircraft  Used Aircraft and equipment

Planes and Choppers Image Library of all kinds of planes and choppers.

Autopilot Repair 
Executive AutoPilots Inc.  6155 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95822  916-399-5969      Fax 916-399-5838 Located at Executive Airport.  Webmasters Note:  I have worked with the manager of this company on a professional level for many years and he is the very best electronics tech that I have ever met.  After working in electronics and avionics for 18 years and 28 years in aviation I have never met a better technician or manager anywhere. 

Aviation History
34th Fighter Squadron at Ie Shima Island in 1945, shows the Japanese Surrender Delegation and a lot more, 160+ pages
Aviation Earth  A super website with a lot of photos and videos
A-7 Corsair II  Jet Fighters in Action
Alpha Jet 20 years of service in the Belgian Air Force
Ace Pilots of WW2  A beautiful site that you need to see
Military Answers  Great information about military history.  Suggested by Anthony and his teacher of Social Studies, Francine Davis.

Institute on World War II and the Human Experience.   This is a fantastic page on WWII.  You definitely need to look at this one.
The Worlds First Certificated Pitts   Photos of the first Pitts aircraft certificated
Fighter Planes Forum  Here you can talk to others and trade photos
Flight  Now featuring a North Atlantic Crossing 
Everything Beech 17 (Staggerwing).   A beautiful Staggerwing site, the Beech 17 
Short Straw, A story of the F4U Corsair in the Korean War by Captain Peterson
USS Kitty Hawk  CV-63  a photo exhibit of the Kitty Hawk
Luft '46  Excellent information, Aviation Art and Photos of WW2 German Aircraft +++

Flight Training and Aviation Schools
Pro Cockpit Lots of free information to keep you on top of your personal flight envelope


 Airplane Models
AeroplaneModel  Some pretty good airplane models, Radio Control and Aviation Photography.
Airtoi  Model Airplanes from Amsterdam Great for Airplane model links
A1 Airplane Models  Tons of airplane models, Plastic models, die cast, mahogany, balsa wood and more.
Historic Aviation  Thousands of Model airplanes, wood, plastic kits, and more plus books videos, posters, aviation art and more.  A super site.
Custom Airplane Models.  We custom build models after your favorite airline, military, or personal plane with award winning quality.  You don't have to look else ware.
Paradon Collectibles Group, Inc   Some real nice custom wall clocks with aviation pictures plus some great historic aviation license plates.  Here's some great 3D model airplanes with a super large selection.  The models come in the following formats.  3DS, MAX, LWO, and C4D.  The models are made using Cararra 3D modeling program from Eovia, Then the model is textured using Painter 3D and then imported into 3D Studio Max for final tweaking and finally converted into various modeling formats using Deep Exploration.  These are high resolution models and are intended for film work, visualizations, and digital art.  on the link above to see this tremendous set of 3D models.


Aviation Databases

Aerobatic Teams Website.  Here's a good source to learn about all of the worlds Aerobatic Teams.  A lot of homebuilt and aerobatic aircraft, great news articles and more.
Airside TV Lots of Steaming videos for you to watch 
Aviation Enthusiast Corner   Probably the best of the best site on the web.  These guys have done great.
Aviation Links  A great aviation links page that is very up to date
Aviation Links from A to Z  a super good reference for aircraft
Air Crew Connection   This site has lots of information from around the world

Business Aviation.  Our goal is to keep businesses in the aviation industry connected.  Aviation Directories, Press Releases, and Aviation news.

Federation of American Scientist  This is probably the greatest science and aircraft reference
Fighter Planes  A very good reference for many fighter planes
Photovault  lots of real nice aviation photos here even UFO's
 TOTAVIA Aviation Image Archives   This place is real nice and has a tremendous potential, you can donate photo's that you have taken to this site
A Great Link Site    by Carl Pettypiece   Lots of links laid out in a very professional manner.   This site even covers computers and aviation
Globemaster US Military Aviation Database  : A list of every military base in the world and a lot  more
Jetmex's Aviation Page...  This is a great site that you will enjoy going to.

Beautifully Embroidered Custom Tags and Hats

Aircraft for Sale 
Aircraft Investment Group.  A full service aircraft sales and jets for sale marketing firm

International Cockpit Club  Items Wanted, Items For Sale, Suppliers for many planes, civilian, aerobatic, military jets and Warbirds.

Aircraft    free classified listing site for all types of aircraft


Aviation Graphics

Caricature Aircraft Pictures.  Some great drawings and paintings

Stovall Prints  "THE  AVIATION AND MILITARY  ART OF JIM STOVALL" These are some real beautiful drawings, I've looked at them and they're great

 Airplane T- Shirts   some super nice tee shirts, the graphics are great.


Military Aviation
Aircraft Carrier USS Kitty Hawk   Take a cruise on the Kitty Hawk over 50 pages
Airplane Adventures   Do you want to fly military Aircraft,  Look here to find out how
  About the legend of Killroy and where did it all begin
Links 2 go     A tremendous source of aviation links and images
MiG-25 Foxbat  You can take a real ride in a real MiG 29 Foxbat to the edge of space
MiG-29 Fulcrum    Here's a fantastic MiG-29 Fulcrum Russian Jet Fighter 
Military Aviation Archive    This site has a great database on military aircraft
RF-4B Phantom II Society    Lots of real nice Phantom photos
Starfighters  The worlds fastest air show  This is a great site
Tom Pirtle's home page   Some real nice aviation and military photos,  great site Fantastic site where you can watch Warbird videos for free.  This is one of my favorite hangouts.
Veramar Naval Products A great selection of naval ship art and aviation art.
Zero Fighter Club.    This is written in Japanese but it has some interesting photos of Japanese Zero Fighters


Military Aircraft Squadrons
 WW2 Bomber Groups

News Aviation News

Aviation News

Pilot Accessories / Parts
Airplane Tools, Direct from with lots of Airplane Tools.
Avmart Computer Store, headsets, GPS, and just about anything you can think of
Kennon Aircraft Covers   Windshield Covers for most general aviation and military aircraft
Wireless Video Cameras     Great video cameras for Airplanes, Hobbyist and Ground Based Applications Pilots accessories and lots of great stuff.
Pilots  Pilots Accessories Books and more
Pilot Toys Pilot Accessories, books, headsets etc.
Tools,  Tons of tools of all kinds, a great tool selection.
Energy Release  Add this to your engine and wheel bearings too, it works great.

Student Pilot .com    A good source for interesting articles
Sierra Flight Systems  EFIS, Electronic Flight Systems
Tex-Air Parts Inc.  There are a lot of parts here

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Yellow Airplane Links
Lima Lima flight team Info about the Lima Lima Aerobatic Flight Team  --- Some outstandingly beautiful photos
 Teaching Your Kids about airplanes, high tech and success
Airplane Articles
Virtual Airplane Museum

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State Art.  Great pictures of every state, these are truly very nice pictures and picture sets. 



Engineering Links The worlds most complete list
Aircraft Homebuilders Pages  Tools, Supplies, Kitplane Sources,  photos
Kids Stuff,  Models,  Kits,  Paper airplanes, etc.

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High Tech News Here! Now!
Click Here is a Airfoil Simulator  --- try it, it's Great!! 
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  Oklahoma Bicycle Society

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