Refueling the Wild Hair, a P47 Thunderbolt located on the island of Ie Shima, World War II.

The men of the 318 Fighter Squadron are refueling the P47 Thunderbolt called the Wild Hair.
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The 318th Fighter Group 

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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro
Putting fuel in a P47 Thunderbolt
Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

Refueling the P-47 Thunderbolt, the Wild Hair


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 I was hoping to find more information on what squadron my father (Vincent A. Dauro)  was attached to.
If you have any information, please send an email at the bottom of this page.

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Airfields of the Eighth
Then and Now 
Roger Freeman. 

Debden, Kingscliffe, Alconbury– names that evoke  images of P-51s, P-47s, B-17s. This book features comparative photos taken 35  years apart, with details and anecdotes about each of the major U.S. bases in  England. Some fields are still in use today by USAFE, others are abandoned and weed-covered, but each is a piece of history. 240 pgs., 8½"x 12", hdbd

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Airfields of the Ninth
Then and Now 

Witness a most amazing change of scenery. Here is a look at the WWII B-26, P-47, and Glider bases in England, with superb documentation of  their original layout, construction and history, contrasted to their current use as  farms, housing tracts, private airfields and even race tracks. 256 pgs., 510 photos,  8½"x 12", hdbd.

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