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All kinds of outer space toys and spacecraft models covering deep space flight, the Space Shuttle and other spacecraft models.
These space toys and spacecraft models are a stepping stone to teaching your kids about outer space and space flight.
With just reading about the spacecraft models and other space equipment listed on this page your kids will be learning
and building their careers in the space and technology deep within their minds, where the beginning really begins.  

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 Spacecraft Toys  space helmet&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Helmetse/ir?t=&  space suit&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Suitse/ir?t=&
 space boots&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Bootse/ir?t=&  space backpack&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Backpackse/ir?t=&  Star Trek DVDe/ir?t=&
 Spacecraft Models  Lost In Space&tag=&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Lost In Space DVDe/ir?t=&  Lost in Space Movies

Project Mercury

 Mercury Mission Patch&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Mercury Mission Patches  Project Mercury 17899325">Project Mercury Books  Academy-Models-62001-Project-Mercury/dp/B0006UU8TM1218864552217899325">Mercury Spacecraft Modele/ir?t=&
 project mercury&tag=&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Project Mercury Moviese/ir?t=&  mercury astronauts17899325">Mercury Astronaut Bookse/ir?t=&  

Project Gemini

e/ir?t=&  Gemini Mission Patches
 e/ir?t=&  Project Gemini Books

Project Apollo

 apollo17899325">Apollo Bookse/ir?t=&  apollo mission patch&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Apollo Mission Patchese/ir?t=&  astronaut space suit&tag=&index=apparel&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Astronaut Space Suitse/ir?t=&
 Apollo Model&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Apollo Spacecraft Modelse/ir?t=&  saturn v&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Saturn V Modelse/ir?t=&  lunar model&tag=&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Lunar Lander Modelse/ir?t=&
 Lunar Rover&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Lunar Rover Modelse/ir?t=&  Moon Globe&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Moon Globese/ir?t=&  Apollo&tag=&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Apollo Moviese/ir?t=&
 apollo&tag=&index=software&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Apollo Softwaree/ir?t=&  apollo art&tag=&index=garden&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Apollo Arte/ir?t=&  

Space Shuttle

 space shuttle17899325">Space Shuttle Bookse/ir?t=&  Space Shuttle Print&tag=&index=garden&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle Printse/ir?t=&  space shuttle shirt&tag=&index=apparel&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle Shirtse/ir?t=&
 space shuttle&tag=&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle DVDe/ir?t=&  space shuttle suit&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle Suitse/ir?t=&  Space Shuttle Model&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle Modelse/ir?t=&
 Space Shuttle Patch&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Shuttle Patchese/ir?t=&    
 Space Station17899325">Space Station Bookse/ir?t=&  Space Station &tag=&index=software&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Softwaree/ir?t=&  Space Station &tag=&index=music&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Musice/ir?t=&
 Space Station Print&tag=&index=garden&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Printse/ir?t=&  Space Station Shirt&tag=&index=apparel&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Shirtse/ir?t=&  Space Station &tag=&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station DVDe/ir?t=&
 space station&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Stuffe/ir?t=&  Space Station Patch&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Patchese/ir?t=&  Space Station Model&tag=&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=17899325">Space Station Modelse/ir?t=&

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Mercury 9 Space Mission Patch.Gemini Space Mission Patch with astronauts Conrad and Gordon.Space Shuttle Enterprise Space Mission Patch.

These are Space Mission Patches worn by the Real Astronauts.


Mercury Mission Patches  Gemini Mission Patches Apollo Mission Patches





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Astrospies - DVD 00V8392
Astrospies - DVD
The Cold War Space Race No One Knew About
"A fascinating piece of detective work." - The Miami Herald. Through archival footage and revealing interviews, this program examines the American and Russian space race and the top-secret, parallel programs whose goal was to launch military astronauts on Cold War spying missions. You'll learn the secret identities of the astronauts selected to serve on the U.S.' Manned Orbiting Laboratory, step inside the Soviets' cannon-equipped Almaz station, and much more. Widescreen, color and B&W, 56 minutes.

Around the World in 84 Days 0010280
Around the World in 84 Days

Softbound Book Plus DVD
The Authorized Biography of Skylab Astronaut Jerry Carr.
Shayler. For 84 days - from November 16, 1973, to February 8, 1974 - mission commander Jerry Carr orbited earth on board the American space station Skylab 4, setting a new record for time in space. This biography covers that mission as well as Carr's training in the U.S. Marine Corps, his career with NASA, and his retirement years. Includes a bonus DVD with a Skylab 4 photo gallery, a tour of the Skylab mockup, film clips of Skylab 4 activities, and more! 272 pages, 7"x 10", softcover.
Apollo 1 - DVD 00V8856
Apollo 1 - DVD
Through rare footage and audio, this program examines the first manned Apollo mission and the fire that claimed the lives of astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee during a training exercise on January 27, 1967, at Cape Canaveral. You'll view mission training, the crew's visit to North American Aviation to see its spacecraft, the crew inside the command module simulator, a post-fire inspection of the spacecraft at Pad 34, the astronauts' funerals, tributes to the astronauts, and more. Includes more than 350 photographs of the Apollo 1 mission. Color, 4+ hours.
Apollo 11 3-DVD Set 00V9553
Apollo 11 3-DVD Set
Men on the Moon
Follow the Apollo 11 mission and the exploits of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins as if you were there! Featuring sequences from Kennedy Space Center and onboard film footage, this three-DVD set examines the historic July, 1969, mission from beginning to end, including the crew suiting up, 15 separate launch views that you control, the lunar landing, surface examination with astronaut commentary from the post-flight briefing, Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk, the crew demonstrating life aboard Columbia, the return to earth and recovery, and much more! Color and B&W, 10 hours.

Apollo 11 - DVD 00V9551
Apollo 11 - DVD
To the Moon
This 4-DVD set covers the historic Apollo 11 mission in a manner unlike anything you've seen before: it focuses on the mission in total, in a linear fashion, just the way it happened. Includes the complete air-to-ground transmissions for the entire mission along with photographs, 16mm motion picture film, and television transmissions, all synchronized as closely as possible to their actual occurrence in sequence. Includes more than 8 hours of video and more than 60 hours of audio transmissions!

Apollo 13 - DVD 00V9713
Apollo 13 - DVD
Released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the film and the 35th anniversary of the actual event, this is a new, 2-disc special edition of the blockbuster film recreating the near-tragic flight of Apollo 13 that in the end became one of America's greatest space triumphs. This edition also includes three documentaries on Apollo 13 and the race to the moon; commentary by Jim Lovell, commander of Apollo 13; and much more. Stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton; nominated for nine Academy awards. Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, Rated PG, 2 hrs. 20 min.
Apollo 16: Journey to Descartes 6-DVD Set 00V9555
Apollo 16: Journey to Descartes 6-DVD Set
Journey to Descartes.
Through televised and onboard mission footage, this 6-DVD collection examines the 1972 Apollo 16 mission - the tenth manned Apollo mission and the first to land in the moon's highlands area - in detail, from training and liftoff through three moonwalks and recovery. You'll see the launch from five viewing angles, the lunar module's approach and landing on the moon, the lunar roving vehicle, and much more. Color, Dolby Digital, 20 hours.
Apollo 17 - DVD 00V9560
Apollo 17 - DVD
End of the Beginning.
Featuring complete rover television transmissions and onboard film, this 6-DVD collection examines the landmark Apollo 17 mission like you've never seen it before! You'll view footage of crew training, the first and only night launch of a Saturn V, crew activities on the lunar surface, lunar liftoff, detonation of some of the explosive charges left behind, the lunar orbit rendezvous and docking operations, splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, and much more. 27+ hours.
NASA Space Shuttle Levitating Aircraft0062103423 0062103
NASA Space Shuttle Levitating Aircraft
Magnetic Levitation Device.

This amazing display piece uses patented magnetic-field technology to levitate under its base. And, for even greater wonder, at the flick of a switch you can set this Space Shuttle to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or not at all. Everyone who sees this will stop and stare in awe. 10" long.
Base Unit (62100) required.

Area 51 - DVD
Area 51 - DVD
Beyond Top Secret.
Born during the Cold War, Area 51 in Nevada, also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland, became not only the U.S. Air Force's most strategic test site, but also a symbol of everything sneaky about the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex. In recent years, UFO investigators even claimed that the top-secret planes tested there were built with technology gleaned from alien spacecraft. Now, this video uncovers the true story behind the cryptic desert facility and looks into mysterious deaths of base workers. 50 minutes.

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