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The Bloomington Air show

Click Here's the formula for success with youth groups.  Before and after the air show we do the following things

1.  Watch a movie about the type of aircraft that you will see at the air show. During the movie, point out the afterburners, mention the aircraft types, talk about how the aircraft systems work. Have a pilot visit the movie event showing some of his pilot equipment.

2.  Build models of the aircraft that you will see at the air show.  Talk about the benefits of model building,  tell stories of similar aircraft.  Talk about the aircraft parts.  Take pictures

3.  Go to the air show. Take lots of pictures.

After coming home, review the show and cultivate interest in future field trips.

4.  Watch a slide show of the air show.  Let the kids invite their friends which haven't seen the show.  Give the kids a small toy of one of the planes seen at the show.  Cultivate interest in future field trips for youth groups like this.

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.WW2 War Correspondent, Ernie Pyle's story
teaches us that it is most often the simple things in life that  provide the glue in a community.
Values such as honesty, persistence and concern for those less fortunate.


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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron
USS Kitty Hawk

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