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Model Airplane Paints.

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Model Aircraft Refill Set

Paint Set

High quality water wash-up, certified non-toxic paints for modelers. These Testors  acrylics feature superb flow and leveling qualities and result in a high gloss finish beyond compare. Set includes nine colors and mixing tray, and is suitable for use with sprayers and airbrushes.

Aircraft Finishing Set
Aircraft Finishing Set

Paint Set

Make your models more life-like with these enamel paints. Set includes six colors,  thinner, paintbrush, cement pen and a tray.

0006015ALT="Military Aircraft Spray Set" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=145 width=200>
Military Aircraft Spray Set

Spray Paints

Set allows you to spray six different acrylic paints, while the patented spray cap  allows easy and quick changes of colors. Set includes five ¼ oz. non-toxic colors, ½  oz. primer, propellant and spray cap.

0006017ALT="US WWII Interior Aircraft Colors" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=134 width=200>
US WWII Interior Aircraft Colors

Paint Set

For the ultimate in interior realism in your plastic model kits, these paints are the answer! Includes eight non-toxic, water wash-up colors; paintbrush and tray.

0006018ALT="Air & Armor Weathering Colors" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=133 width=200>
Air & Armor Weathering Colors

Paint Set

Great paints for avoiding that "factory fresh" look on your model kits - realistic  weathering colors make for a realistic model! Includes eight non-toxic, water  wash-up colors, paintbrush and tray.

Single Action Airbrush System
Single Action Airbrush System

Spray Brush Kit Plus Video

This airbrush system can be used for general spraying as well as fine detail work. Features lightweight construction, quick color change, and easy to adjust  controls. Set is complete out of the box and includes one single-action  external-mix airbrush, one detailing needle, one general spraying needle, one  28 mm bottle, one 33 mm bottle, one open mix plastic bottle, one adapter to fit either propellant can or compressor, one can of propellant, and one instructional  video.

Airbrush Propellant Refill

Airbrush propellant for item #6040C.

0006042ALT="Kit Building Supply Set" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=125 width=200>
Kit Building Supply Set


For kit building, the right tools make a real difference. This set includes a hobby  knife, three brushes, five gluing tips, five sanding films and a drop cloth.

0005192ALT="Airbrush Painting Techniques" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=268 width=200>
Airbrush Painting Techniques

Soft Bound Book

Airbrush painting is one of the skills in the modeler's arsenal that becomes more important as the models worked on become more sophisticated. This book explains the many ways in which airbrushes can be used, with precise simple language and easy to follow instructions. A wide variety of models are  shown being given realistic paint jobs, including the all- important weathering  techniques. 64 pgs., 100+ color illustrations, 7¾"x 10½", sfbd.

0006011ALT="Modeler's Technical Guide" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=310 width=200>
Modeler's Technical Guide

Spiral Bound Book

Provides the latest techniques for the advanced modeler. The special emphasis  on finishing and painting includes sections such as airbrush painting, masking,  special effects, weathering, super detailing and more. All includes a product  guide (referenced products available through Historic Aviation) and reference section. Beautifully illustrated with expert samples covering each area of  discussion. 160 pgs., 5½"x 8½", spiral bound.

193060744XBuilding Military Dioramas 
193060744X(Volume 1)
by Francois Verlinden

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