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Blue Mountains - DVD

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"The Creek" - DVD" hspace="10" src=" 2
1522: Mountain of the Ozarks - DVD
8444 Down Deschutes & 4449 Over the Siskiyou - DVD Combo You'll thrill to this exciting color footage! First, you'll view Union Pacific's #8444 4-8-4 - the last steam locomotive delivered to UP - as it crests the Blue Mountains of Oregon, leads an excursion train down the magnificent Deschutes River Canyon, and crosses Idaho and Wyoming. Then, you'll follow Southern Pacific's #4449 Golden State class 4-8-4 as she heads a promotional train - heralding the merger of Southern Pacific and the Rio Grande Railroad - on the scenic Siskiyou Line. 1 hour.
Railroads in Wartime Volume 1-3 - DVD
A Railfan's Adventure in the Cornbelt - DVD-R 0RV5742
A Trainwatcher's Film Scrapbook Volume 1 - DVD-R The first volume in this two-volume set presents passenger and freight action from across the nation including roads such as B&O, Erie, New York Central, Grand Trunk Western, FEC, L&N, Milwaukee Road, Southern Pacific, Rio Grande, and many others. Captured by Gordon Sandstrom on 8mm film between 1958 and 1974, this program features a short section of steam shot at Dallas Union Terminal in 1961. Color, 1 hour.
ACE: Altamont Commuter Express - DVD 0RV2088
Air Horn Symphony - Volume 1 Volume 1. Captured in the early 1970s, these are the sounds of Nathan and Leslie horns used on first- and second-generation diesels of the Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Union Pacific and others. Recorded in echo chambers high in the Sierras as well as along double-track speedways of the SP, you'll be treated to several meets, true whistle artists and more. So enjoy these sounds of Nathan M5s and P5s, and Leslie S3s and S5s, most of which cannot be duplicated today.
Be sure to also get Vol. 2 from this amazing series (RA0008)

Air Horn Symphony - Volume 2 0RA0008
All Aboard Volume 7 - DVD-R 0RV6676
Along the New River - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" 0RV5873
Articulateds - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" 0RV6550
Assault on Snow - DVD This video takes you on exciting snow removal expeditions during early 1988 when heavy snowfalls blanketed rail lines across Wyoming and Colorado. You'll see the struggle to free three FP7s stuck in a massive snowdrift, a Union Pacific rotary snowplow clearing the snowbound Coalmont Branch, and more. Color, 1 hr. 2 min.
Best of the Midwest Volume 1 - DVD 0RV5767
Best of the Midwest Volume 2 - DVD 0RV5769
Best of the Midwest Volume 3 - DVD 0RV9128
Big Boy Combo Part 1 - DVD These incredible programs capture the mystique, power and sheer mass of Union Pacific's famous 4-8-8-4 Big Boy in grand fashion.
Part 1. Enjoy two different programs, starting with a Union Pacific publicity film that shows the evolution of UP steam up to the impressive 4-8-8-4 Big Boy. Includes cab shots and a look at Big Boys being serviced. In the next program, you'll visit the Cheyenne Shops - the base of operations for Big Boys - to tour the coal chute and facilities where Big Boys were serviced, hear stories of the men who worked on these machines, and more. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 23 min.
Be sure to see Part 2 of this series (RV6339).
Big Boy Combo Part 2 - DVD 0RV6339
Blue Mountains - DVD Travel with the Union Pacific through Oregon's rugged Blue Mountains for a feast of mountain railroading second to none. You'll watch diesels - using 36,000 horsepower worth of muscle - work massive 14,000-ton grain trains over backbreaking 2.2% grades at locations such as Telocaset, LaGrande, Hilgrad, Motanic and Meacham in a fascinating look at the rigors of railroading in the snowy mountain crevices of the Northwest. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.
Blue Mountains Volumes 1-3 - DVD This DVD includes three programs that feature action on the staggering grades and daunting summits of the Blues - the 200-mile segment of Union Pacific's Oregon Division main line - in the early 1990s. You'll view Dash 8-40CWs, SD40-2s, C36-7s and SD60s on the 2.2% grades of UP's roughest helper district; ride the cab of a GE Dash 8 and get an engineer's view from a helper set on the rear of a UP freight; and travel the 56-mile "snow zone" of the Blue Mountains in the dead of winter. Color, stereo, 3 hours.
Challenger '82 - DVD
Change in the Tehachapi 's - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Change in the Tehachapi 's - DVD
BNSF's Mojave Sub
This program takes you along BNSF's Mojave Subdivsion from Barstow to Bakersfield, California, in the spring of 1999 to view a variety of colorful BN/SF and UP/SP merger locomotives as they cross the Mojave Desert and the Tehachapi Mountains. You'll view heavy traffic in the mountains; a surprise visit from Union Pacific DDA40X locomotive #6936, the sole operating example of the "Centennial" type and the largest operating diesel-electric locomotive in the world; and more. Color, 2 hours.
Chicago & North Western - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
Chicago & North Western's Western Division Vol. 1 - DVD
Chicago & North Western Vol. 2 - DVD
Close Up/Pacing the Challenger Combo - DVD-R
This DVD-R features two great programs on Union Pacific's famous 4-6-6-4 3985.
Close Up 3985.
You'll enjoy spectacular footage of Union Pacific's Challenger 4-6-6-4 3985 at work on freight and passenger trains. Following a brief history on the Challenger - which includes color archival film - you are whisked away to Cheyenne, Wyoming where 3985 blasts up Archer Hill at 55 mph. Highlights include exciting trackside, in-cab and pacing sequences, along with locomotive mounted minicams that capture thrilling close-ups of drivers, rods and valve gears. Color, 1 hr.
Pacing the Challenger.
This program features uninterrupted side-by-side pacing sequences of Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger 3985 on westbound freight and passenger trains between Omaha, Nebraska and Cheyenne, Wyoming. You'll thrill to start-ups, meets, exciting views of both sets of drivers in action, and crystal-clear audio. The pacing camera features rock-steady views of this leviathan in action with no distracting movements or vibration. Color, 1 hr.

Columbia River Gorge, Volume 2 - DVD
Conrail Hot Shots in New York - DVD-R CThis series presents exciting run-by footage - shot in the Buffalo, New York, area in 1998 - of a myriad of Conrail diesel locomotives. The tour begins at Conrail's Seneca Yard and continues west on the "Chicago Line" with stops at Lake View, Angola, Dunkirk and Brocton. You'll even see Buffalo Southern, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and CSX diesels as well as manifest, intermodal and unit trains. Color, 1 hour.
Conrail Hot Shots Volume 1 - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
Conrail Hot Spots West - DVD See "Big Blue" along the most revered hot spots of its western system - including Cleveland Drawbridge, Berea Tower, Galion, Marion, Toledo, Elkhart, South Bend, Porter, Hammond, Muncie, Terre Haute, St. Elmo and Effingham - along with mixed run-through trains with power from roads such as CSX, Illinois Central and Union Pacific. It's an impressive show that even identifies each Conrail train's departure and destination cities. Color, 2 hours.
Conrail's Bee Line - DVD-R
Crawford Hill, Part 1 - DVD-R
Crawford Hill, Part 2 - DVD-R
CSX River Line in New York - DVD-R

Dayton's Bluff - DVD
Denver & Rio Grande Western - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Denver Light Rail - DVD" hspace="10" src="
East to Green River! - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
Feather River Canyon Spectacular - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
Journey to northern California's three famous mountain passes - the Shasta Route, Feather River Canyon and Donner Pass - to view exciting Union Pacific diesel- and steam-powered action. You'll thrill to the spectacular scenery and amazing Union Pacific power, including 4-8-4 Northern #844 and 4-6-6-4 Challenger #3985 lashed up to pull a 22-car passenger train over Donner pass! Color, 55 minutes.
Flags, Flairs and Wings - DVD-R
Fostoria - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
0RV5864Fostoria - DVD-R.
Iron Triangle
Fostoria, Ohio provides railfans with up to 140 trains per day from the combined efforts of CSX and Norfolk Southern. Here, you'll enjoy two days of rail action captured from dawn to dusk as train after train, including cameo appearances by motive power from BNSF and Union Pacific, pounds the three heavy mainline diamonds - locally know as the Iron Triangle - with a mix of unique consists. Color, 2 hours.

From the Twin Ports to the Twin Cities - DVD" hspace="10" src="
From the Twin Ports to the Twin Cities - DVD.
This video takes you along BNSF's exciting Hinckley Subdivision, which runs from the twin ports in Duluth, Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Commodities traffic to and from the ports makes for many interesting trains, and the contrast of beautiful Minnesota scenery and modern urban cityscapes is breathtaking. Along the way, you'll see Milwaukee Road's 261 on the BNSF Employee Special and freight action from Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Union Pacific and more. Color, 1 hr. 40 min.
Go Coastal 3-Pack - DVD" hspace="10" src=" This three-disc collection - which includes Coastliners 1, Coastliners 2 and Surf Line Commuters - takes you on a scenic rail journey from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, California, to view trains from Amtrak, Coaster, Metrolink, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific operating on the legendary Surf and Coast Lines. Includes pre-merger Southern Pacific freights with unique lash-ups, excursion steam, Metrolink's first day of operation at Union Station, a ride on Amtrak's sleek ICE demonstrator train, and more! 4 hours.
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