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Santa Fe's Mojave Mainline

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"The Creek" - DVD" hspace="10" src=" 2
1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD-R 1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD-R.
Follow steam locomotive Frisco 1522 on an historic journey through Texas as she pulls BNSF's Employee Appreciation Special. You'll see 1522 get a good workout highballing over former Santa Fe track at incredible speeds - producing intense bursts of stack talk while lugging sixteen gleaming passenger cars through the Texas Hills - and even spot railroad icons such as Tower 55, Tower 17, T&NO Junction, and others along the way. Color with stereo sound and narration, which can be turned on or off. 1 hr. 10 min.
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Steam Power Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Steam Power, DVD Photo Album Book.
Photo Album Book.
Presenting the steam locomotives of the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway, this CD-ROM collection includes 152 B&W images of photographs shot primarily in the 1950s throughout Minnesota at Proctor, Two Harbors, Virginia and Mitchell Yard. You'll view 2-10-4s, 0-10-2s, Santa Fe 2-10-2s, huge Yellowstone 2-8-8-4s, the largest 10-coupled switcher and others. PC and Mac compatible; requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.

Mojave Magic 2 Mojave Magic 2, DVD.

In this 2-DVD set, you'll follow the action on BNSF's former Santa Fe main line from Chicago to Los Angeles as it crosses California's Mojave Desert. Footage includes everything from high priority Z trains, intermodals and manifests to grain trains with multiple helper engines running at speed across the desert and on their knees fighting the grades. Magnificent scenery and lots of trains makes this a program you won't want to miss! Color, widescreen, 3 hours with optional narration.

On the Road with Frisco 1522 - DVD On the Road with Frisco 1522 - DVD.
The age of steam may be long gone, but in St. Louis, Frisco 1522 is a fully operational steam locomotive that still runs. In this program, you'll see 1522 - a 1926-built 4-8-2 "Mountain-type" - put on a great show leading the "Employee Appreciation Special" for the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway and then pulling a trip at the National Railway Historical Society convention in St. Louis. This is one of steam railroading's shining stars! Color, approximately 1 hour.
Santa Fe's Mojave Mainline Santa Fe's Mojave Mainline, DVD.
This 1992 tour of the busy Needles Subdivision in California's Mojave Desert takes you from Needles to Barstow and all points in-between to view a large variety of Santa Fe motive power - including SD45-2s, SDF40-2s, SD45s, GP60s, GP40Xs, SD40-2s, FP45s, GP60Ms, GE B40-8s and B40-8Ws - struggle up long grades and flash past on the flatlands. It's a view of pre-merger Santa Fe railroading at its finest! Color, 1 hr. 15 min.
Steam Tracks, Vol. III Steam Tracks, Vol. III, CD.
Thrill to the state of the art digital sounds of some of the finest steam locomotives to ride the rails. It's like having a steamer inside your stereo! An outstanding state-of-the-art Digital stereo recording featuring Santa Fe 3751, Frisco 1522, UP 844, SP 2472, SP&S 700, CP 2317, UP 3985, SP 4449, CP 1286, Cotton Belt 819, NKP 765, and PM 1225. Lots of great sounds so that you can hear these restored locomotives while you read about their adventures. Be sure to also see:
 Steam Tracks Vol. 1 (), too. Own them all!

The Era of Diesel The Era of Diesel, DVD.
The History of American Railroads.
This program examines the golden age of diesel-powered passenger trains throughout America, from the 1940s and '50s to the 1960s and '70s. You'll view the diesel power and legendary passenger trains of New York Central; Pennsylvania Railroad; Penn Central; Baltimore & Ohio; Atlantic Coast Line; Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis; Rio Grande; Santa Fe; Union Pacific; and others. Color, stereo, 4 hrs. 28 min.

A Forties Memory - DVD" hspace="10" src=" 2
A Time of Change, Vol. 1 - DVD-R BNSF.
This full-color program provides a detailed look at the operations and equipment changes brought about by the merger between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe. You'll see a myriad of pre- and post-merger liveries as two of the world's largest diesel locomotive fleets - each dressed in its own distinctive colors - are brought together in the beautiful Southwest. Color, 58 minutes.
A Time of Change, Vol. 2 - DVD-R BNSF.
This full-color program provides a detailed look at the operations and equipment changes brought about by the merger between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe. You'll travel westward through BNSF's Arizona main line, watching modern superpower blast past a steam-era pump house and water tank; visit Nelson Tunnel to view footage shot from locations only accessible by foot; and more. Color, 58 minutes.
A Time of Change, Vol. 3 - DVD-R BNSF.
This full-color program provides a detailed look at the operations and equipment changes brought about by the merger between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe. In this final volume, you'll travel to Arizona's spectacular Crozier Canyon; cross over the rushing Colorado River near Topock; observe incoming and outgoing freight trains, crew changes and an interesting mix of motive power at Needles; and more. Color, 58 minutes.
Abo Canyon & the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad - DVD One of the most formidable barriers in BNSF's east-west mainline between Chicago and Los Angeles is the rugged - yet scenic - Abo Canyon. This program captures BNSF trains at this railfan hotspot from dozens of unique and hard-to-reach locations just after the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe merger, when the collection of motive power and liveries was at its most diverse. Color, 58 minutes.
Above the Rails! Combo - DVD This DVD features two programs - Above Southern California Rails and Above 3751 Over Cajon - that lift you up into the skies over southern California for an incredible look at railroading from the vantage point of a jet helicopter!
In Above Southern California Rails, you'll go skyward to follow Amtrak trains and BNSF freights along the Surf Line near San Clemente, check out the newly rebuilt BNSF yards in San Bernardino, examine Union Pacific's West Colton Yard, race the Talgo trainset, witness container operations in the harbor near Los Angeles, and more.
In Above 3751 Over Cajon, you'll view Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern #3751 as it travels from Los Angeles, over Cajon Pass, to Railfair '99 in Sacramento. You'll view the engine and tender being pulled out of Redondo Roundhouse in preparation for the trip, then follow the special train to see spectacular views of Sullivan's Curve, Mormon Rocks, the climb to the summit, Mojave Narrows, fast running across the high desert to Barstow, and more. Color, 1 hr. 57 min.

Across the Heartland - Santa Fe's Chillicothe Subdivision.
This program examines the action on Santa Fe's double-track Chillicothe Subdivision from Chicago's Corwith Yard to Fort Madison, Iowa, just days before the 1995 merger with Burlington Northern. You'll view Santa Fe Warbonnets leading high priority trains, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern crossover tracks at Galesburg and Cameron, trains crossing the impressive Mississippi River bridge at Fort Madison, and more. Color, stereo, 1 hr. 24 min.

All Aboard Volume 12 - DVD-R Each episode of All Aboard, a series that aired on PBS in 1997, showcases a unique element of railroading. You get two exciting episodes on each volume, or you can buy the complete set on a special 3-pack DVD for the greatest savings! Color, 56 minutes each.
Volume 12 (Episodes 23 and 24): See Norfolk Southern’s steam locomotive restoration efforts with special emphasis on 2-6-6-4 1218, and then travel on a 1950s to 1980s "odyssey" with vivid Santa Fe footage.
Be sure to see the other 12 volumes in this exciting series.

America & the Passenger Train - DVD In this documentary exploring America's passenger trains from the 1830s to today, you'll view early wooden coaches, streamliners, dome cars, Santa Fe's Super Chief, the California Zephyr, the Southern Pacific Daylight, New York Central's 20th Century Limited, the American Orient Express, GrandLuxe Rail Journeys, Canada's Rocky Mountaineer, and much more, including Amtrak's Acela Express. You'll even take a rail journey through Mexico's Copper Canyon! Color and B&W, 1 hour.
BNSF - Tracks of the Old Santa Fe, Volume 1 - DVD
BNSF - Tracks of the Old Santa Fe, Volumes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - DVD.

Professionally filmed, this series takes you to some of Santa Fe's most scenic southwestern locations. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with optional narration.
Volume 1. Follow the old Santa Fe line from Cajon Pass Summit through Victorville and on to Barstow, California, where you'll see the large classification yard and the newly restored depot. Other highlights include Arizona's Kingman Canyon and the branch line to the Grand Canyon Railroad. Approximately 1 hour.

Volume 2.  Travel from Arizona's land of the setting sun to New Mexico's land of enchantment. Highlights include a mainline trip past the painted deserts of eastern Arizona and New Mexico's Red Rock State Park, with plenty of Santa Fe Warbonnets and bright orange BNSF Pumpkins along the way. 1 hr. 27 min.

Volume 3. This final volume takes you winding across the Rocky Mountains - on a highly scenic crossing called Abo Canyon, whose seven bridges are filmed from many angles both above and below track level - to your final destination of Mountainair, New Mexico, on the east side of the Rockies. Approximately 1 hour.

Check out the our other volumes!

BNSF Volumes 1-4 Set - DVD BNSF Volumes 1-4 Set - DVD.
Buy the Set - Save over 25!
If you like hi-tech diesel locomotives, look no further than the Burlington Northern Santa Fe! These DVDs feature incredible footage of fast-paced trackside'll even hear all the natural sounds without the intrusion of narration or music.
Volume 1: Journey to Cajon Pass, Barstow, the Needles Subdivision and Steven's Pass where you'll see more than 80 incredible trains and a plethora of diesel muscle. 2 hours.
Volume 2: Shot in northern Arizona along the old Ssanta Fe main line, this footage showcases more than 60 trains - including double stack and piggy-back - and CW44-9 diesel locomotives in a variety of schemes! 1 hr. 30 min.
Volume 3: View more than 60 trains as you travel along the old Santa Fe main line from Needles to Wild Crossing, California, and the old BN lines in Washington. 1 hr. 30 min.
Volume 4: This action follows 47 trains along the Joint Line from Castle Rock to Monument, Colorado, and at locations neart Crawford, Nebraska, and Seattle. 1 hr. 35 min.

Cajon II Combo - DVD This two-part program takes you to Cajon Pass, one of railroading's most exciting locations. In Cajon II: Railroading in the '90s, you'll go trackside for a feast of dramatic, pre-merger Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and Union Pacific manifests, unit trains and more grinding up the slopes to the summit and downgrade to the desert below. Then Cajon Pass Cab Ride puts you in the lead unit of a five-engine lashup for the ride of a lifetime from West Colton to Phelan on the SP's Los Angeles Division. Color, 2 hrs. 30 min.
Cajon Pass, Diablo Canyon, Flagstaff   DVD On this thrilling tour, you'll view BNSF motive power and trains at Cajon's scenic Tunnel District, Blue Cut, Sullivan's Curve, Mormon Rocks, Cajon Station and lofty Mount Baldy, then travel on to Canyon Diablo and Flagstaff, Arizona, where you'll see more thrilling footage of Santa Fe warbonnets, bright orange BNSFs and even some Union Pacific and Southern Pacific units. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 58 minutes.
Cajon Pass/Tehachapi Loop Combo - DVD No other place in the world offers railfans the parade of trains, engineering ingenuity and spectacular scenery quite like that found in Cajon Pass and the Tehachapi Loop. This video takes you to each of these hotspots during the mid-1980s for a feast of Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Amtrak action that includes the famous Tank Train, "Kodachrome" motive power, The Southwest Chief, a visit to a dispatcher's office in San Bernardino, the hump yard and locomotive servicing facilities in Barstow, several thrilling cab rides, and much more. Color, 2 hrs. 10 min.
Chicago Odyssey Volume 1 - DVD-R
Chicago' s Hot Spots - DVD-R
Columbia River Gorge - DVD Vol 1.
Volume 1: BNSF's Fallbridge Subdivision
With its nonstop railroading and spectacular vistas, the Columbia River Gorge is one of America's top railroading hotspots. Here, you'll enjoy scenes of Amtrak's Empire Builder and Talgo trains, Swift RoadRailers, bare-table trains, trash trains, manifests and unit grain trains headed by GE Dash 9s in Heritage II, pure sets of BN green power, rare GP50s in classic Santa Fe blue-and-yellow paint, and much more. Color, stereo sound with optional narration, 2 hours.

Curtis Hill - DVD-R
Diesel Power on the Santa Fe - DVD
Diesel Power on the Santa Fe - DVD.
Experience the Santa Fe through a variety of motive power changes and see how the road responded to an evolving industry. Visit famous locations like Cajon Pass, Tehachapi, Mojave and Barstow Yard and enjoy heavy freight action along the Stockton and Pasadena subdivisions. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.

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The Santa Fe Railroad DVD Store, New Railroad DVDs, Santa Fe Model Railroad DVD Movies, DVD Gifts and Santa Fe Train Collectables.

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