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Santa Fe Railroad Books.

All Aboard for Santa Fe 0R01523
Arizona/New Mexico Railroad Map Book Arizona/New Mexico Railroad Map Book.
This incredible pocket guide provides you with intricate maps of all Class I, short line, regional and excursion railways active in Arizona and New Mexico. Data includes mile markers; single, multi and abandoned track; tunnels; stations; bridges; highways; rivers; cities/towns; and more, with full indexing for easy reference. An important tool for serious fans of Western railroading. 4"x 11", soft cover.
Includes 13 railroads such as BNSF, Union Pacific, Arizona & California, BHP Copper, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe Southern, Texas & New Mexico, and more. 39 pages, 35 B&W maps.



BNSF Northwest BNSF Northwest.
The BNSF in the Pacific Northwest. Del Grosso. This newly released book chronicles the BNSF in the Northwest, featuring a history of its predecessor lines - such as the Northern Pacific and Burlington Northern - and the events that led to the merger with Santa Fe. It also includes sections on the important grain and intermodal commodities traffic and the operations changes that followed the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe merger. 128 pgs., 110 color photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
CF7 Locomotives CF7 Locomotives.
From Cleburne to Everywhere, Poole. The book is an historical and contemporary look at CF7 locomotives from their beginnings as F7s rebuilt at Santa Fe's Cleburne Shops in Texas, to the colorful roles they play on shortlines across the United States. Includes interviews with those who built and those who run the locomotives, diagrams, drawings, a listing of all 233 CF7s, and hundreds of color and B&W photographs. 112 pgs., 8?"x 11", soft bound.
Colorado-Wyoming Railroad Map Book
Colorado-Wyoming Railroad Map Book.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe/Union Pacific.

This incredible pocket guide provides you with intricate maps of all Class I, short line, regional and excursion railways active in Colorado and Wyoming. Data includes mile markers; single, multi and abandoned track; tunnels; stations; bridges; highways; rivers; cities/towns; and more, with full indexing for easy reference. 4"x 11", soft cover. 51 pages, 45 B&W maps.

Burlington Northern in Color, Volume 3" hspace="10" src=" Burlington Northern in Color, Volume 3.
Green Pastures Boyd.
This final volume in the series provides a pictorial overview of the Burlington Northern Railroad from its 1970 formation, through its 1980 acquisition of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, to its 1995 merger with the Santa Fe. You'll view Burlington Northern's diesel locomotive fleet, rolling stock, paint schemes, stations, landmarks, and more. 128 pages, color photographs throughout, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway" hspace="10" src="
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.
Solomon. Here is the detailed and fascinating story of how legendary railroads - the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe - merged in 1995 to create one of the world's great mega rail systems: the BNSF. You'll enjoy a detailed history of each of the historic lines that made up the BN system, the BN and the Santa Fe as independent entities, a look at the first decade of the BNSF, ten specially commissioned system maps, three intricate yard diagrams and more. 288 pages, 250 color and B&W photographs, 10?"x 12, hardcover.
Lloyd Stagner's Union Pacific Steam Safari, 1954-1960" hspace="10" src=" Lloyd Stagner's Union Pacific Steam Safari, 1954-1960.
Stagner. This lavishly illustrated book features stunning black-and-white photographs of Union Pacific steam locomotives captured during the final years of steam on the UP system in Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming. You'll even view steam motive power from Santa Fe, Baltimore & Ohio, Chicago & North Western, Burlington Route, Illinois Central, Canadian National, New York Central, Nickel Plate Road, Norfolk & Western, and many others in roads in America and Canada. 56 pages, 53 B&W
Locomotive Review and Diagrams II" hspace="10" src=" Locomotive Review and Diagrams II.
BNSF Railway Company.

This beautifully illustrated book catalogs the Burlington Northern Santa Fe's 6,193 owned and 350 leased locomotives - as of January 31, 2007 - with a line-by-line roster and color photographs representing each model group. It even includes sections on new motive power, the Bold Heritage paint scheme and 35 pages of official locomotive diagrams and tech spec sheets of all fully retired models. 176 pages, 215 color photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.
Modeling the Wild West" hspace="10" src=" Modeling the Wild West.
Campbell, Giebner & Cochrane. This heavily illustrated book features line drawings, photographs, templates and comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for constructing more than fifteen pre-1900 structures in HO scale! Build an 1855 Rock Island wooden trestle, an 1870 Santa Fe coaling station, a Cripple Creek (Colorado) gold mine, a 1900 Dodge City (Kansas) grain mill, and other old-time buildings and structures such as a water tower, a depot, and a stockyard. Includes actual dimensions for easy conversion to any scale. 80 pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Modern Diesel Locomotives" hspace="10" src=" Modern Diesel Locomotives.
Enthusiast Color Series.

Halberstadt. Exceptional photography captures modern diesel locomotives hard at work all across the nation. You'll see major railroads including the Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Conrail, Southern Pacific, and Burlington Northern. You'll even get under the skin of a locomotive and see 12-foot-long diesel engines being rebuilt! Also includes a short history of the rise of diesel technology. 96 pgs., 80 color photos, 8?"x 9", soft bound.

Rail Mail Rail Mail.
A Century of American Railroading on Picture Postcards. Stunkard. Relive the bygone days of the iron horse, streamliners, interurbans and more in this look at railroad picture postcards. You'll enjoy favorites such as Santa Fe's Super Chief, North Shore's Electroliners, Milwaukee Road's electrics and Colorado's Georgetown Loop, each accompanied by detailed narrative describing the scene and era. Includes a section on buying, selling and collecting these artifacts. 127 pages, 280 B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 11"x 8?", soft cover.
Railroading in Downtown Chicago 1958-1969
Railroading in Downtown Chicago 1958-1969.
Olmstead. This spectacular pictorial takes you on a railfan trip through Chicago - the railroad capitol of the U.S. - during the years leading up to the mega-mergers of the late 1960s and early 1970s to see trains from the likes of the Pennsylvania Railroad, New York Central, Erie-Lackawanna, Burlington Route, Monon, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, and Santa Fe working tirelessly at many of the city's most revered railroad locales. Large, crisp period photos coupled with the author's insight offer a wonderful look back at this bygone era. 52 pages, 68 B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Railroading in Downtown Chicago 1958-1969
Railroading in Downtown Chicago 1958-1969.
VOL. 2

Olmsted. Through crisp B&W photography and insightful text, you'll examine some of the most exciting years in the history of Chicago railroading. You'll see pre-merger favorites Monon, Pennsylvania Railroad, Chicago & North Western, Erie Lackawanna, New York Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio, Santa Fe and others; motive power such as E8s, PAs and RS3s; and more. 52 pages, 68 B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Railroads of the Pike's Peak Region Railroads of the Pike's Peak Region.
Images of Rail - 1900-1930

Lewis. As the Cripple Creek mining boom reached its apex and the scenic beauty of the Pike's Peak region became more well know, eleven different railroads and an interurban line came to serve the area. Here, you'll see the Midland Terminal and the Colorado Springs, which relied heavily on ore production; larger roads such as the Santa Fe and Colorado & Southern; roads with a more local flair, such as the Manitou & Pike's Peak with its unique cog railway; and more. 128 pages, approximately 200 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", soft cover.



Remembering Santa Fe
Remembering Santa Fe.
Olmsted. Take a pictorial journey from Chicago to Texas as you enjoy the author's memory of the great Santa Fe. Streamlined 4-8-4 and burly 2-10-2 steam live on alongside early diesel era favorites like the FT, E6 and lovely PA. Each photo captures the distinct flavor of Santa Fe operations - from busy yard operations and mainline freights to its shiny silver passenger fleets. Sure to please even the most discriminate Santa Fe fan. 112 pgs., 150+ B&W photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Route of the Warbonnets
Route of the Warbonnets.
McMillan. Come on a tour of the Santa Fe as it was in the 1970s as you travel from Chicago and head westward. Witness the renowned locomotives, early unit trains, manifest freights, piggybacks, stations, cabooses and people that made the Santa Fe great. See the road as it was before the mergers and enjoy a pictorial history from this great era. 176 pgs., 275 B&W photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Santa Fe 1600 Series 2-10-2 Pictorial #1600-#1705
Santa Fe 1600 Series 2-10-2 Pictorial #1600-#1705.
Santa Fe Steam Series Vol. 6.

Ainsworth. These pictorials feature dozens of Santa Fe steam engines, each presented with crisp period photos and specifications such as class type, builder's number, build date and retirement date. Wonderful resources for the railroad historian or the modeler, these books even show the various changes these machines went through as they evolved. 27.50 each. 58 pages, 52 B&W photos, 11"x 8?" soft cover. Be sure to also see; Santa Fe Texas Type 2-10-4 Pictorial (R02107).
Santa Fe Facilities in Color Volume 1 Santa Fe Facilities in Color Volume 1.
Transcontinental Route - Chicago to Los Angeles
Stagner. The physical plant along Santa Fe's all-important lines between Chicago and Los Angeles was as exciting as the railroad's trains. This book offers a 1950s-1990 tour of this plant - much of it uniquely Santa Fe - exploring stations, signals, shops, yards, and more along the right-of-way. 128 pages, 280+ color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.

Santa Fe Facilities in Color Volume 2
Santa Fe Facilities in Color Volume 2.
Stagner. The Santa Fe's physical plant - much of it uniquely Santa Fe - was as exciting as the railroad's trains. This full-color series takes you on a 1950s-1990 tour that showcases these amazing structures, signals and yards.
Volume 2: Branches
You'll tour the Santa Fe's extensive branchline network for a look at everything from coal bins to yard markers to freight car sheds. 128 pages, 280+ color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.

Santa Fe in the Lone Star
Santa Fe in the Lone Star.
State, Volume 1

1949-1969. Steve Allen Goen. Here is twenty years of great Santa Fe photography in Texas, with comprehensive captions on this seldom-seen part of the "Atchison." There is some steam, and loads of Warbonnets, zebra stripes and blue/yellow F-units. There are also sections on passenger cars and Texas depots. Includes maps, memorabilia and more. 144 pgs., 365 color photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Santa Fe Locomotive 132
Santa Fe Locomotive 132.
A Q-125 Remembrance of the Cyrus K. Holliday, Scholz & Brasher. This is the illustrated history of 2-8-0 No. 132, the oldest preserved Santa Fe locomotive. You'll follow the life of this iron workhorse through its operations in the late 1800s, its second career as the Cyrus K. Holliday - the premier exhibition locomotive for the Santa Fe, the unusual series of events that helped it elude the scrapper's torch, and its restoration for display at the Kansas State Museum. 56 pages, 60 B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Santa Fe Locomotive Development Santa Fe Locomotive Development.
Brasher. Santa Fe steam power in the 20th century was distinctive and often technologically advanced. This heavily illustrated book presents the development of locomotives from the early designs of the 19th century; through the "supreme steam" of the 1930s including Santa Fe's superb 4-8-4 and 2-10-4 locomotives; to the advent of diesel power. 304 pages, 272 B&W and 19 color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover. R02278D 6
Santa Fe Locomotive Facilities Volume 1
Santa Fe Locomotive Facilities Volume 1.
Gulf Lines, Crump, Priest & Priest. Santa Fe's impressive motive power fleet was serviced by an equally impressive network of facilities. Using line drawings, blueprints, maps, and period photos, this volume presents a detailed look at the facilities on AT&SF lines in Oklahoma; North, Central and East Texas; and Oakdale, Louisiana. Roundhouses, turntables, refueling stations, repair shops, powerhouses, and other facilities are revealed in this unique, behind-the-scenes look at the Santa Fe's Gulf region. 191 pages, 350 color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 11"x 8?" hardcover.
Santa Fe Railway Santa Fe Railway.
Railroad Color History.

Glischinski. The hallmark of the Santa Fe was fast, high-quality freight and passenger service, including the famous Super Chief, El Capitan, and the Chief luxury passenger trains. This colorful tribute to the great line is filled with archival and modern photos of the locomotives, trains and events of the latter half of the 20th century that made the Santa Fe one of the best-known railroads in the world. 128 pgs., 80 color and 40 B&W photos, 8?"x 10?", soft bound.

Santa Fe Railway Streamlined Observation Cars
Santa Fe Railway Streamlined Observation Cars.
Boyle. Observation cars were often the signature car on the Santa Fe's passenger trains, offering premier lounge space and "name train" drumheads on their tails. This book offers lavish interior and exterior photos - many from the road's own collection - of these cars, floor plans, technical drawings, and nostalgic images that include streamlined steam and diesel locomotives, advertisements, and more. 80 pages, 100 color and B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", soft cover.

Santa Fe Steam Survivors Santa Fe Steam Survivors.
Stagner & Yarger. At the end of the steam age, Santa Fe responded generously to requests for steam locomotives to be placed on display in city parks and museums. Now, this book documents the service history and current locations of all 51 of those donated locomotives and tells us what needs to be done in order to assure the future survival of these treasured artifacts. 48 pages, 62 B&W photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Santa Fe's Last Dining Car Service Instructions
Santa Fe's Last Dining Car Service Instructions.
Peironnet. Using information taken directly from the Santa Fe's Rules and Regulations Dining Car Department, this book offers a detailed look at the proper service of every menu item served aboard Super Chief, El Capitan, Texas Chief and San Francisco Chief dining cars in the waning days of Santa Fe's passenger era. Includes menus, table set-ups, motive power and rolling stock for each train, period photos of kitchen and dining car interiors, china, and more. 96 pages, 65+ B&W photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 11", soft cover.
Southern Pacific in Color Vol. 5 Southern Pacific in Color Vol. 5.
1980s and Beyond: Mergers and Memories. Boyd. This book follows the Southern Pacific’s last chapter before its merger with Union Pacific, showcasing a variety of hi-tech motive power in several liveries including the ill-fated "Kodachrome" scheme from the Santa Fe/Southern Pacific merger attempt. You’ll also get a 1950s retrospective of steam and first generation diesels. 128 pgs., 225+ color photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound. Be sure to also see other book in this exciting Southern Pacific color series: Volume 1 - OUT OF PRINT Volume 2 (R05147) Volume 3 (R05148) Volume 4 (R05196)
Southern Pacific in Transition Southern Pacific in Transition.
Shippen & Shine. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe merger of 1995 meant that the Southern Pacific needed a merger partner - and fast. So it was not longer before SP and Union Pacific merger talks were announced and soon, the UP, which had just merged the Chicago & Northwestern into its fold, brought the SP system along. It is the transitional period from the Rio Grande/SP merger in 1988 to the UP merger of 1996 that this book presents. 160 pgs., 350 color and 60 B&W photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Southern Pacific's Scenic Coast Line Southern Pacific's Scenic Coast Line.
A Color Pictorial. Dill. This book offers a full-color look at Southern Pacific's operations and equipment along its Los Angeles and Western Divisions, including the major feeders to the Coast Line. A bounty of steam and first generation diesels make an appearance along with Santa Fe freights detoured on the SP due to the 1952 Tehachapi earthquake, demonstrator diesels working the Coast Line, and much more. 128 pgs., 260 color photos, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
Southern Pacific Steam Motive Power Pictorial Southern Pacific Steam Motive Power Pictorial.
Coast Division. Ainsworth. This book features an incredible compilation of steam locomotives used by the Southern Pacific along its important Coast Division, which ran between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You’ll visit locations such as Glendale, Santa Barbara and San Jose, enjoying 38 different locomotive classes including the S8 0-6-0, P1 4-6-0, P8 4-6-2, C9 2-8-0, F1 2-10-2, AC4 4-8-8-2, Mt1 4-8-2, and GS4 4-8-4. 74 pgs., 68 B&W photos, 11"x 8?", soft bound.
Streamliners Streamliners.
Schafer & Welsh. Gorgeous archival photos combine with original brochures, timetables and menus to illustrate the great story of the streamlined trains that reigned supreme from the 1930s through the 1950s. Union Pacific's City of Salina, Santa Fe's Chiefs and Rock Island's Rockets are among those featured. Includes development, rolling stock, motive power, operations, appointments and more. Fabulous! 160 pgs., 150 color and 50 B&W ills., 10"x 10", soft bound.
The Harvey House Cookbook The Harvey House Cookbook.
Memories of Dining Along the Santa Fe Railroad
Foster & Weiglin. Entrepreneur Fred Harvey began establishing high-quality dining rooms along the Santa Fe Railway in 1876. His "Harvey Houses" helped change the entire picture of the American West. Now, you can recapture the spirit of those first western rail excursions through the 200-plus vintage recipes, many simple to prepare; numerous period photos; and story of Fred Harvey himself contained in this book. 194 pages, 7"x 9", soft cover.

The Santa Fe Railway and the Lost Locomotives of Topeka The Santa Fe Railway and the Lost Locomotives of Topeka.
Reisdorff & Stagner. On July 13, 1951, two spans of the large Santa Fe Railway bridge in Topeka, Kansas, collapsed into the Kaw River during the worst flood in Kansas history. Also sinking into the rushing waters were three of ten Santa Fe locomotives that had been placed on the bridge in an effort to stabilize it. This book examines the mystery and lore surrounding this dramatic incident and the "lost locomotives of Topeka." 56 pages, 50 B&W photographs, 10?"x 8?", soft cover.
The Train Stops Here The Train Stops Here.
New Mexico's Railway Legacy

Riskin. "…provides a level of detail and insight that railfans and general history buffs alike will appreciate." - Trains magazine. This book examines the history of New Mexico's railroad depots and structures, including those of the Santa Fe system from Raton to Silver City, the Denver & Rio Grande, the Colorado & Southern, the Southern Pacific, the El Paso & Northeastern, and others. 164 pages, 90 B&W photographs, 16 maps, 8"x 10", hardcover.
The Wymore Story The Wymore Story.
Richard Kistler. This is a classic account of Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad operations in the southeast Nebraska region. Focusing on what was once the Wymore Division, it's a story of vintage steam locomotives, Zephyr passenger trains and branch line motor cars. Each operating subdivision is covered with details about passenger and freight traffic, motive power and facilities. This new edition updates the story through both the Burlington Northern and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe eras. 104 pgs., 160 B&W photos, time tables, 8?"x 11", soft bound.
Trackside Around Kansas 1960-1975 with Lloyd E. Stagner
Trackside Around Kansas 1960-1975 with Lloyd E. Stagner.
Stagner. In this volume, Lloyd Stagner, a familiar name in the railroad literary world, shares his magnificent color photography of first and second generation diesels from Santa Fe, Rock Island, Union Pacific, and Missouri Pacific… and even a bit of CGW, KCS, CB&Q, SLSF and M-K-T as well! 128 pages, nearly 300 color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Tumbleweeds and Fast Freights
Tumbleweeds and Fast Freights.
Santa Fe In Color Series, Vol 4.

McMillan. Through hundreds of color photographs of trains, depots, facilities and much more, this book covers the last three decades - from the 1960s to 1995 - of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway operations in New Mexico prior to the BNSF merger. 248 pages, 404 color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Valley Division Vignettes Valley Division Vignettes.
Krieger. This book offers a historic look at the Santa Fe railroad and its predecessor, the San Joaquin Valley Railroad, in the Central Valley of California. You'll learn about the public outcry in the valley for a competitive railroad, and watch the evolution of the Santa Fe's Valley Division. It includes the people and equipment - from both the steam and diesel eras - that worked the division along with views of the railroad's triumphs and tragedies. 254 pgs., 450 B&W photos, 9?"x 12?", hardbound.

Warbonnets and Bluebonnets Santa Fe in Color Series Vol. 3.
McMillan. This full-color look at Santa Fe operations in Texas from the mid-1960s through the mid-1990s includes exciting passenger, hotshot, local and mixed freight action on mainlines and branchlines throughout the state. You'll also enjoy views of towers, stations, mechanical facilities, and a host of motive power from EMD, Alco and Baldwin. 240 pages, 405 color photos, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
Wheat Lines and Super Freights
Wheat Lines and Super Freights.
McMillan. This book offers an intimate look Santa Fe's main lines and branch lines in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. It focuses on the operations and equipment used in this important region and shows the types of businesses served by rail. You'll visit country depots, follow wayfreights in the countryside and see high-speed grain train bound for the coast. 240 pgs., 435 color photos, 8?"x 11?", hardbound.
Pool Power West
Santa Fe Passenger Trains in California Santa Fe Passenger Trains in California.
From the 1940s Thru Amtrak and More
Dorin. This heavily illustrated volume tells the story of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway's passenger trains - including Rail Diesel Cars - in California from the first streamliner through Amtrak California-branded trains such as the Capitol Corridor and the San Joaquin. 90 pages, 8?"x 11?", 196 B&W and color photographs and illustrations, hardcover.

Super Chief and El Capitan
EMD's Classic Cowl Units


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