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A Visit to Sand Patch - June 1988 - DVD-R

The Pennsylvania Railroad DVD Store, Pennsylvania Railroad DVDs, Model Railroad DVD Movies, Pennsylvania Railroad DVD Gifts make great Train Collectables.
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A Farewell to the Bullets & Brills - DVD-R" 337" src=""1" vspace="4" hspace="10">


A Visit to Sand Patch - June 1988 - DVD-R This program takes you to the Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania - one of the East's most beloved railfan locations - to view thrilling diesel power and trains in the liveries of Chessie, Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeake & Ohio and Seaboard Coast Line on the CSX Sand Patch grade - a former Baltimore & Ohio line - in 1988. 1 hour.

Action Under the Wires - DVD-R 0RV6555

All Aboard Volume 9 - DVD-R

America on Rails Volume 1 - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="


America on Rails Volume 2 - DVD-R This series offers a bevy of rare vintage footage featuring interurban and mainline train action dating from the 1930s to the early 1970s. Color and B&W.
Volume 2
Your rail tour continues at Chicago Union Station where you'll savor name trains from the Pennsylvania Railroad, Burlington Route, and Alton. From there you'll visit the exciting 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair; see ten different interurban systems including the Gary Railway, Chicago Transit Authority, and Staten Island Rapid Transit; and get a ringside seat for a steam show on ten railroads ranging from the Erie to the Chicago & Eastern Illinois to the Rock Island. 30 minutes.


America on Rails - DVD-R

Broadway Limited - DVD-R 1902-1995
In 1902, the Pennsylvania Railroad began running a premier passenger train along the important New York-Philadelphia-Chicago route. Initially named the Pennsylvania Special, the PRR later changed the name to the Broadway Limited and a legend was born. This video traces the train's legacy and features the equipment, crews and service that set it apart. Even after Amtrak took over the route, the Broadway Limited name was retained. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 40 min.


Classic Chicago/Twin Cities Railroading - DVD Fallen Flag Series.
Explore the classic years of Chicago railroading with this incredible compilation of vintage 8mm films shot during the 1960s and '70s. You'll enjoy trains action from over 30 colorful railroads, including Baltimore & Ohio, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Grand Trunk Western, Indiana Harbor Belt, Pennsylvania, Monon, and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio. Name trains such as Broadway Limited, Empire Builder, and City of New Orleans pay a visit amid a terrific mix of freight action shot during several seasons.
Includes bonus coverage of classic train action in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Color, 2+ hours, Color, 84 min.

E8 Diesels in Action - DVD-R

East Broad Top - DVD

Emery Gulash Collection - DVD" hspace="10" src="

Featuring fantastic footage captured by Emery Gulash in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, this DVD collection includes five thrilling programs: The Nickel Plate, California Zephyr, Pennsylvania Railroad, The Wabash Railroad and Western Maryland (End of an Era).
You'll view steam and first-generation diesels on the Nickel Plate Road - including high-speed 2-8-4 Berkshires and snazzy PA1s - from the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s; witness Akron, Canton & Youngstown's fleet of Fairbanks-Morse and Alco motive power in the 1960s; experience a complete trip on the California Zephyr passenger train in 1965, with amazing views from dome to trackside and from an F7 cab through the Big 10 curves and tunnels; see the transition from steam to diesel on the Pennsylvania Railroad - and successor Penn Central - from 1952 to '69, including footage of Decapods, Baldwin Centipedes, Sharks, F-units, early Geeps, GG1s, Alco RS-3s and others as well as famous passenger trains such as the Broadway Limited at locations such as Tunnel Hill, Horseshoe Curve and Wallbridge Yard; view mainline running on the Wabash Railroad in the summer of 1952 - including first-generation diesels and passenger trains such as the Wabash Cannonball - as well as the merger into the Norfolk & Western and footage through 1966; and enjoy Western Maryland mountain railroading at its finest with footage of multi-unit lash-ups of F7s and Geeps in the mid-1970s.
Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 5 hrs. 8 min.


From the Ashes - DVD-R When Conrail took control of the bankrupt Penn Central in 1976, many believed it was doomed to the same fate. This video takes a candid look at the genesis of Conrail - a culmination of famous roads like Pennsylvania, New York Central, New Haven and Erie - and shows how it was able to revitalize railroading in the Northeast and make it profitable again. You'll see the men and machines that made it happen and marvel at the changes brought about. Color, 60 min.

From the Golden Years to the Penn Central Black Years - DVD

GG1 4882 Cab Ride - DVD-R

Great Layouts You Can Visit Volume 2 - DVD

Marion Ohio DVD" hspace="10" src="

The Train Watching Capital of Ohio.
Formerly the crossroads of the Erie, Pennsylvania, Chesapeake & Ohio and New York Central Railroads, the railfan hot spot of Marion, Ohio, links all four points of the compass. Here, you'll go trackside in and around Marion to view the diesel locomotives and trains of Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern, which run more than 30 scheduled trains through Marion each day. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 1 hour.

Memories of Pennsy Steam - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="

Memories of Steam in the Northeast Combo - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="

Railroads of the Northeast used a diversity of steam locomotives to tackle passenger and freight duties in this congested region. Here, you'll see some of the finest steamers to ever ride the rails. Color and B&W, 1 hour total runtime.
Volume I
Highlights include: a Lehigh Valley streamlined 4-6-2; Reading 4-8-4s; Jersey Central and Lackawanna 4-6-2s; Erie 2-8-4s, New York Central 4-8-2s and 4-6-4s; Boston and Maine 2-8-4s and 2-6-0s; Delaware and Hudson 4-6-6-4s; and Pennsylvania shortline steam on the Tionesta Valley, Bellefonte Central, Coudersport & Port Allegany and Kishacoquilas Valley lines.
Volume II
Highlights include steam on the Erie, New York Central, New Haven, Lehigh and Hudson River, Boston and Albany, Boston and Maine, and Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington. You'll visit Jersey City Terminal and Starrucca viaduct; ride to Gulf Summit on a K5-powered train to watch 2-8-4s, 2-10-2s, and big 4-6-2s pace 2-8-2s; ride a 1940 excursion train from New York City to Readsboro and take a ride in an open gondola..


Memories of the Pennsylvania Railroad Vol. 1 & 2 - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="

DVD-R includes the following programs:
Vol. 1. This nostalgic journey features footage at South Amboy, NJ where you'll see handsome K4s in action, tour the engine terminal and watch double-headed trains work the line to Bay Head. You'll also enjoy hordes of GG1s pulling charter trains laden with cadets and midshipman to an Army-Navy football game, and see Long Island Railroad motive power including a 4-6-0, 2-8-0 and a Fairbanks-Morse C-Liner. Color and B&W, 30 minutes.
Vol. 2. Your Pennsy tour continues at the Altoona yards and Horseshoe Curve, where a thrilling parade of steam - including M1 Class 4-8-2 Mountains, the legendary T1 Class 4-4-4-4 and a rare Q2 Class 4-4-6-4 - puts on a show. You'll also get a heavy dose of the PRR's diverse diesel fleet that features Baldwin Sharks and Centipedes, Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners, Alco's FA and S-series switchers, EMD's E- and F-units, and the unique Aerotrain. Color, 30 minutes.


New York Central Scrapbook - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="

New York Central Steam Finale with Rail Industry Films - DVD" hspace="10" src="

North Jersey Railroading - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="

Our Memories of Jersey Central & Pennsylvania Railroads-DVD

P.R.R. E-8 Diesels in Action - DVD Climb aboard a pair of newly restored Pennsylvania Railroad E8 diesel locomotives - pulling five former Erie Lackawanna passenger coaches - for a thrilling "head-end" cab ride from Temple to South Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and back. You'll view numerous run-bys at scenic locations along the Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad line, re-coupling for the return trip, equipment and motive power stored at South Hamburg, and much more. 1 hour.

Passenger & Excursion Trains of the '60s & '70s - DVD

Passenger Trains of the 1960s 3-Volume Set - DVD-R

Penn Central - DVD-R

Penn Central Volume One - DVD-R

Penn Central Volume Two - DVD-R

Penn Central Volume 3 - DVD

Penn Central Volume 4 - DVD

Pennsy's Racetrack - DVD-R" src=""1" vspace="4" hspace="10">

0RV8680 Pennsy's Racetrack - DVD-R.

40 Years of the Northeast Corridor.
This nostalgic video captures footage of the busy Northeast Corridor and the electrics that ran along it. You'll get a historic review of the Pennsylvania Railroad's stable of unique electric motive power including P5As, E44s and the famous GG1, which is seen in Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak liveries. You'll also get a look at MP54s on commuter runs and see the original Metroliners. Color and B&W, 69 minutes.

Pennsylvania Glory Vol. 1 - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Glory Vol. 2 - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Glory Vol. 3 - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Glory Volumes 1-3 - DVD

Pennsylvania Glory Video Series.
Vol. 1. Enjoy plenty of rugged 1950s PRR action as you visit hotspots along the Long Island Rail Road, New York & Long Branch and Enola Yard. Pennsy steam, electric and diesel favorites include G5 Class 4-6-0s, K4 Class 4-6-2s, M1 Class 4-8-2s, GG1s, MP54s, F7s and BF16 Sharks. Locomotives from the Jersey Central also pay a visit. Color and B&W, 46 minutes.
Vol. 2. You'll see action on PRR's Middle Division, Altoona, Horseshoe Curve and along the busy line from Columbus to Sandusky, Ohio. Featured power includes I1 Class 2-10-0s, J1 Class 2-10-4s, H-9/10 Class 2-8-0s, and plenty of first generation diesels from EMD, Alco and Baldwin. Also includes a 1940s segment on Horseshoe Curve. Color, 49 minutes.
Vol. 3. Action includes rare color footage from the 1930s, '40s and '50s on Pennsy's congested lines through Buffalo, Oil City, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, and Elmira Branch. You'll see all of the road's major steam and diesel classes along with some passing trains from the Jersey Central and Baltimore & Ohio railroads. Color and B&W, 57 minutes.


Pennsylvania Railroad Collection - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Volume I & II Combo - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Railroad Scrapbook - DVD-R

Pennsylvania Railroad Vintage Films - DVD You get three vintage 16mm films on one DVD! On to Washington promotes tourist travel to Washington, D.C. via the Pennsylvania Railroad; the second film, the last movie produced by the PRR, explains their plans for the future and the reasons for the proposed merger with New York Central; and the final film describes a future vision for American Railroads and their important role in the growth of our nation. Color and B&W, sound, 1 hour total runtime.

Pennsylvania RR Reading Lines Steam in the 1950s - DVD-R

Rail Industry Films - DVD

Railfan Adventures in the Lehigh Valley Volume 1 - DVD-R

Railfan Adventures in the Lehigh Valley Volume 2 - DVD-R

Railfan Adventures in the Lehigh Valley Volume 3 - DVD-R

Railroading in Strasburg, Pennsylvania - DVD

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The Pennsylvania Railroad DVD Store, Pennsylvania Railroad DVDs, Model Railroad DVD Movies, Pennsylvania Railroad DVD Gifts make great Train Collectables.

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