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Pennsylvania Railroad Book Store, Model Train Books, exciting Pennsylvania Railroad Books, Railroad History Books.
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Pennsylvania Railroad Books.

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A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946 Volume 1: The Mid-Atlantic States.
Carpenter. The volume includes meticulously detailed maps of every passenger railroad line in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, revealing the various main and branch railroad passenger and freight lines that served thousands of American towns. The maps also include features such as demolished signal towers, track pans and coaling stations. 256 pages, 202 color maps, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volumes 1-3 0R87210
Akron Railroads" hspace="10" src=" Images of Rail.
Sanders. Period photos and detailed captions showcase the railroads that have served Akron, Ohio, since 1936, including the trains and operations of the Baltimore & Ohio; Pennsylvania; Erie; Akron, Canton and Youngstown; Wheeling and Lake Erie; and Akron and Barberton Belt. 128 pages, 215 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", softcover.
Altoona Action 0R05505
Altoona and Logan Valley Railway Images of Rail.

Alwine & Seidel. At its peak, the Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway employed 300 people, transported 11? million passengers per year and traveled 7,220 scheduled routes miles per day. Here, you'll follow the evolution of this beloved streetcar system - the all-important transportation service for Altoona's Pennsylvania Railroad employees - from 1882 to its sad demise in 1954. 128 pages, 200+ B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", softcover.

Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad 0R03321
Anthracite Classics
Bethlehem Mine and Industrial Trackwork 0R05322
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway in Color Vol 2: Pennsylvania-Middle Division.
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway was built as a "railroad conveyor belt" used to haul ore, coal and oil between its namesake cities. This full-color book offers a milepost-by-milepost tour of the former Middle Division lines in Pennsylvania and a nostalgic look at the BR&P's equipment and operations from its days as a Baltimore & Ohio stepchild to its present-day operation under the Buffalo & Pittsburgh flag. 128 pages, 225+ color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.

Chicagoland Commuter Railroads 0R03708
Colorful East Broad Top 0R05205
Conquering Gotham
East Broad Top Railroad Images of Rail.
Springirth. The East Broad Top Railroad began operating in 1873 in south-central Pennsylvania, connecting the isolated Broad Top Mountain coal field with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Mount Union. In this book, which examines the narrow gauge railroad throughout its history, you'll view vintage photographs of steam locomotives, rolling stock, the historic yard at Rockhill Furnace, and more. 128 pages, 205 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", softcover.

Guide to Pennsylvania's Tourist Railroads
Horseshoe Curve Images of Rail.
Seidel. Built by Pennsylvania Railroad in the 1850s to climb the Allegheny Mountains and the eastern continental divide, Horseshoe Curve - located just west of Altoona, Pennsylvania - is known worldwide as one of the great engineering achievements in railroad history. This wonderfully illustrated book chronicles the fascinating line in detail, from its innovative construction through its ongoing role as one of America's vital transportation arteries. 128 pages, 180 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", softcover
Johnstown Trolleys and Incline" hspace="10" src=" Images of Rail.
Springirth. This pictorial history covers the trolley car system, trackless trolleys and the Inclined Plane of the Johnstown Trolley and Incline system, from its beginnings after the devastating Johnstown flood of 1889 through the final day of trolley service in 1960. Filled with vintage photographs, engaging narrative and informative captions, this is a "must have" for every fan of trolleys and Pennsylvania railroading. 128 pages, 218 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", softcover.
Lackawanna Railroad Facilities in Color, Volume 1" hspace="10" src="
Lackawanna Railroad Facilities in Color, Volume 2" hspace="10" src="

Pennsylvania Railroad Facilities in Color, Volume 1
Lackawanna Railroad in Color" hspace="10" src="
Lackawanna Railroad in Color" hspace="10" src="
Plant. This book is an in-depth look at steam and diesel operations on the Lackawanna. It features operations in New Jersey along the Hudson River, and heavy main line action in Pennsylvania and New York. Highlights include the Delaware Water Gap, a tour of the cement district, the Poconos, and a detailed look Lackawanna action in Scranton and on the Buffalo Division. 128 pgs., 240+ color photos, 8?"x 11", hardcover. Be sure to also see Volume 1 (R05037) and Volume 3 (R05246) in this series.

Lackawanna Railroad in Color" hspace="10" src="
Lewistown and the Pennsylvania Railroad" hspace="10" src="
From Moccasins to Steel Wheels. This book is a detailed look at Pennsylvania Railroad's important Lewistown Junction and station, a point that welcomed the very first Pennsy train in 1849. Lewistown proper, the yards and shops, block stations, communications and branch lines are all covered in depth along with the towers and interlockings that controlled movements through the junction. 161 pgs., 360 color and B&W photos, 13 maps, 11"x 8?", sfbd.

Long Island Rail Road
New Haven Railroad's Electrified Zone" hspace="10" src="
New York Central Railroad" hspace="10" src="
New York Central Steam Power West of Buffalo, Volume 2" hspace="10" src="
Passenger Cars, Volume 1
Passenger Cars, Volume 2
Passenger Cars, Volume 3
Solariums, Sleepers, Inspection Cars
Carstens. Punch your ticket for a detailed look at passenger cars. You'll view observation cars operated by Milwaukee Road, New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad; luxurious sleeper cars on the Super Chief, Broadway Ltd., Twentieth Century Ltd., California Zephyr, Phoebe Snow and the Hiawathas; an inspection car; an aquarium car; and a rebuild into an open observation car. You also get the complete 1973 Amtrak roster. 124 pages, 4 color and 140 B&W photos, 60 illustrations, 12"x 8?", softcover. Be sure to also see the companion books: Passenger Cars Vol. 1, Pioneer and Wooden Cars, Heavyweight Steel Cars (R01833); and Passenger Cars Vol. 2, Streamliners. (R01834)

Penn Central in Color, Volume 1
Plant. This wonderfully illustrated volume features vintage color photographs of Penn Central diesel locomotives - which were mostly inherited from predecessor lines New York Central, Pennsylvania and New Haven Railroads - leading freights, commuter runs, and through-passenger trains in western New England and upstate New York. 128 pages, 200+ color photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
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Pennsylvania Railroad Book Store, Model Train Books, exciting Pennsylvania Railroad Books, Railroad History Books.


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