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CSX Across Ohio - DVD-R - Widescreen

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A Visit to Sand Patch - June 1988 - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" A Railfan's Adventure in the Cornbelt - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" Along the New River - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" Best of the Midwest Volume 1 - DVD" 149" src=" 0RV5767 Best of the Midwest Volume 1 - DVD.

This series presents exciting, nonstop 1990s rail action at a host of hot spots throughout the Midwest. From Class Is to Regionals and from passenger specials to coal drags, this rail journey has it all!
Volume 1
This volume takes you through Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska where carriers such as Kansas City Southern; Union Pacific; Illinois Central; BNSF; Nebraska Northeastern; and Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern throw everything from modern AC4400s to an obscure BL20-2 into the fray. 1 hr. 7 min., Color.
Best of the Midwest Volume 2 - DVD" 150" src=" 0RV5769 Best of the Midwest Volume 2 - DVD.

Best of the Midwest. This series presents exciting, nonstop 1990s rail action at a host of hot spots throughout the Midwest. From Class Is to Regionals and from passenger specials to coal drags, this rail journey has it all!
Volume 2
This leg takes you through South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin and other locales for more looks at colorful Regionals and Short Lines - such as Dakota Southern and Nebkota - along with heavy-haulers Union Pacific, BNSF and Canadian Pacific. 1 hr. 37 min., Color.
Best of the Midwest Volume 3 - DVD" hspace="10" src=" Southwest Images - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Callahan, Florida - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
Hot Spots.

Journey to Callahan - located 20 miles north of Jacksonville - to view the action on CSX's main line into Florida. The thrilling trackside footage includes coal trains, intermodals, manifests, Amtrak passenger trains and a wide variety of motive power. Color, 1 hr. 15 min.

CSX - Cartersville - DVD-RWith up to 40 trains per day passing through, Cartersville, Georgia is one of the busiest CSX rail hot spots in the South. This video transports you to this exciting location for a look at heavy CSX freight action through downtown, at the Etowah River, and at both yards just north of town. You'll also enjoy a look at Cartersville's historic passenger depot, a structure once used by the famous Western & Atlantic railroad. Color, 1 hour.
alt="Clinchcross: CSX & Norfolk Southern, Vol. 1 - DVD" hspace="10" src=" CSX & Norfolk Southern, Vol. 2 - DVDCSX Across Ohio - DVD-R - Widescreen0RV5066
CSX Blue Ridge Sub., Volume 1 - DVD0RV2102
CSX Cumberland Sub - DVD-R0RV5401
CSX Florence Service Lane - DVD0RV2104
CSX Henderson Sub - DVD-R0RV6797
CSX Hotshots - DVD-R
CSX in Western Pennsylvania - DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
CSX Loops - DVD-R0RV6811
CSX Lurgan Sub Cab Ride - DVD-R

Climb aboard an SD40-2 for an incredible cab ride along the busy Lurgan Sub-Division - an interchange used by Conrail and CSX - between Lurgan, Pennsylvania and Hagerstown Yard. After interchanging freight with another train, you'll travel past the old "GN" tower at Lurgan, go street running through Chambersburg, climb the grueling 1.10% grade out of Brandon, and more. The footage is so real that you'll practically smell the diesel exhaust! Color, 1 hr. 30 min.
CSX Mountain Sub - DVDTravel across CSX's legendary Mountain Sub from West Virginia through the Alleghenies to Maryland. You'll see mighty diesels at the head and tail end of long trains fight to move strings of coal hoppers and merchandise trains up the grueling grades. The struggle is not just uphill; easing heavy tonnage down these dangerous slopes is equally daunting. Shot over three seasons, you'll enjoy the rugged mountain train action with magnificent fall, winter and spring colors. Color, Stereo, 96 minutes.
CSX Northeast Review 2000-2002" hspace="10" src="
CSX on the Chicago Line - DVD-RVisit Sand Patch's most famous locations, see exciting train meets at the tunnel, watch a heavy freight lose its valiant struggle up grade and stall, and savor a potpourri of different motive power in a host of different schemes in this visit to Sand Patch, one of North America's most exciting rail hotpots. Color, 2 hours.
CSX River Line in New York - DVD-REnjoy several AC6000CW units amongst the variety of CSX motive power that you'll enjoy at New York locations such as Valley Cottage, Haverstraw, West Point, Storm King, Mountain Overlook, Newburgh, West Park, Kingston, Saugerties, Alsen, Coxsackie and the Selkirk Yard area. Also includes visits from Conrail, BNSF, and Union Pacific, including an SD70M with the new "Wings" herald. Filmed in 2001, color with narration, 1 hr. 30 min.
CSX Volume Zero - DVD0RV5207
CSX Volume One - DVD0RV5208
CSX Volume Two DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
CSX Volume Three DVD-R" hspace="10" src="
CSX Volume Four  DVD-R0RV5211
CSX's Indiana Mainlines Vol. 1 - DVD-RVisit the busy CSX mainlines in Indiana as you enjoy a look at modern freight operations at their finest. Color.
Volume 1: The former Baltimore & Ohio Routes.
This video is broken into three segments: Segment 1 follows the St. Louis line from Vincennes to Lawrenceburg, including Washington, Shoals, Mitchell, Medora, Seymour and North Vernon; Segment 2 includes freight and passenger action from Indianapolis to Liberty; and Segment 3 features action in Chicago before heading east to locations in Gary, Wellsboro, Bremen and Garrett. 2 hrs.
By sure to also be Volume 2 of this exciting series (RV6110).

CSX's Indiana Mainlines Vol. 2 - DVD-R0RV6155
Dayton's Bluff - DVDThis program takes you trackside to view the action on the BNSF and Canadian Pacific lines at Dayton's Bluff in St. Paul, Minnesota. You'll see run-throughs and interchanges by Union Pacific, I&M Rail Link, Twin Cities & Western, Minnesota Commercial and Amtrak; visit additional key St. Paul locations such as the Robert Street Lift Bridge and Park Junction to view trains from Chicago & North Western, CSX, Soo Line, Southern Pacific, and others; and more. 1 hour.
Fostoria - DVD-R0RV5864
Fostoria - Iron Triangle
Fostoria, Ohio provides railfans with up to 140 trains per day from the combined efforts of CSX and Norfolk Southern. Here, you'll enjoy two days of rail action captured from dawn to dusk as train after train, including cameo appearances by motive power from BNSF and Union Pacific, pounds the three heavy mainline diamonds - locally know as the Iron Triangle - with a mix of unique consists. Color, 2 hours.

Into the Allegheny Range Volume 1 - DVD0RV9106
Logging & Coal Collection - DVDEnjoy fascinating footage of logging and coal industry railroad operations while learning how to model realistic layouts of them! In this 4-DVD collection's thrilling programs - Logging Railroads (Modeling the Prototype), Cass & Mower Logging Trains, The Appalachian Coal Industry (Modeling the Prototype) and Detroit Edison Coal Trains From Coal to Kilowatts - you'll examine several logging railroads and see how three modelers have applied the prototypes' practices to their layouts; view logging trains led by Shays and a Heisler on the Cass Scenic Railroad; witness the logging operations of the Mower Lumber Company, including footage of log loaders and skidders, log trains being loaded and dumped, and mill operations; learn the history of the coal industry in Appalachia, examine coal operations, and view model train layouts with building tips; and view the trains of Grand Trunk, Union Pacific, CSX, Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern, and Chicago & North Western transporting coal to Michigan's Detroit Edison.
Color, Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0, 4 hrs. 46 min.

Marion AC Volume 1 - DVD-R0RV5357
Marion AC Volume 2 - DVD-R" hspace="10" src=" second volume of this series puts you trackside at Marion, Ohio's AC Tower during the 1990s - a time when more than 50 trains a day raced through this busy junction - to enjoy four seasons of colorful Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern action includiung intermodal traffic, mineral trains, merchandisers and locals, Conrail's Office Car Specials, and even Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 steamer #261. Color, 1 hr. 50 min.
Don't miss out on the first volume in this series
Marion Ohio DVD
The Train Watching Capital of Ohio.

Formerly the crossroads of the Erie, Pennsylvania, Chesapeake & Ohio and New York Central Railroads, the railfan hot spot of Marion, Ohio, links all four points of the compass. Here, you'll go trackside in and around Marion to view the diesel locomotives and trains of Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern, which run more than 30 scheduled trains through Marion each day. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 1 hour.

New Jersey Rails - DVD-R
Volume One.

New Jersey is a bastion for exciting freight and passenger train action, as you'll see in this program that takes you trackside to hotspots such as Bound Brook, Raritan, Ridgefield Park and Little Ferry where parades of trains from the likes of Conrail, NJ Transit, Norfolk Southern, Susquehanna and CSX put on a show second to none. Color, 1 hour.

New Jersey Rails: Volume 2 - DVD-R
New Jersey Rails: Volume 4 - DVDThis trackside tour of central New Jersey takes you to Clark, Edison Township, South Plainfield, Port Reading, Iselin, Metro Park, Princeton Junction and other hot spots to view a variety of freight and passenger trains, including those of Conrail, New Jersey Transit, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, Amtrak and CSX. Color, 1 hour.
New York Railroading in 1998 - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Norfolk Southern's Sandusky Line - DVD-R
Northeast Rails 1995-1999 - DVD-R0RV5737
Ohio Hot Spots Part 1 - DVD-RTravel the Buckeye state in the late 1980s for a feast of exciting rail action from the likes of Chessie System, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Grand Trunk and others at hot spots such as Deshler, Fostoria, Marion, Ridgeway, and Dayton where an endless parade of unique and varied consists is a railfan's dream come true. Color, 1 hour.
Ohio Rail Diamonds - DVD0RV7169
Railroading Through the Winter of 93 - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Rails New Orleans - DVD0RV7331


Rails New York Metro - DVD0RV9218
Rumble in the South - DVD0RV6830
Memories of the B&O - DVD-RThis program is three Baltimore & Ohio videos in one! Part one features incredible vintage footage of B&O steam and diesels in freight and passenger service along with classic views of neighbors Western Maryland and Chesapeake & Ohio; Part Two is the 1946 company-produced movie Meeting the Challenge that describes the B&O's freight and passenger operations; and Part Three offers a look at what the B&O (now CSX) looks like today. Color and B&W, 1 hour.
Southern California Rails 2 - DVDThis tour of Southern California's finest railroading hotspots takes you from San Diego to Ventura and from the Pacific Ocean to the high and low deserts to view an amazing variety of motive power and trains from BNSF, Union Pacific, Amtrak, Metrolink, Ventura County Railway, San Diego Trolley, Coaster, CEMEX and Los Angeles Junction Railway as well as Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, CSX, KCS, Soo Line and others. You'll see the "San-Jac" Local, circus trains, a ribbon rail train, unit trains, manifests, doublestacks, and passenger trains such as the Coast Starlight, Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited… plus plenty of surprises! Color, 2 hrs. 15 min.
Specials, Extras and Business Car Trains - DVD" hspace="10" src=" to Sunset - DVD" hspace="10" src=" 13
Randall, NY
This program documents the passage of every train during one of the longest days of the year on CSX's busy Mohawk Subdivision (along the former New York Central main line). Above the scenic waterline near Lock 13 in Randall, New York, you'll view 47 trains, including many in their entirety; a wide variety of motive power; and more. Stereo, 52 minutes.
The Best of 1989 - DVD" hspace="10" src=" compilation of the best train action from 1989 now available on DVD, this two-hour program includes the reintroduction of the Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme, Norfolk & Western 611 running along Southern's Rathole Division amidst beautiful fall foliage, CSX F-units traveling through the glorious New River Gorge, former Grand Trunk 2-8-2 #4070 running an Ohio excursion line, and much more. Color, Hi-Fi Stereo with narration, 2 hours.
The Monongahela Railway - DVD" hspace="10" src=" a journey along one of the most scenic railways in Pennsylvania to see motive power from Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Chicago & North Western, CSX, Conrail, Monongahela's own Super 7s and others; unit trains from Detroit Edison, Somerset Railway and Wisconsin Electric; action from the West Brownsville, Ten Mile and Manor branches; and more. Color, 1 hour.
The Trains of Lafayette - DVD-RLafayette, Indiana - a long-time railroad hot spot - became an even bigger rail haven following a massive railroad relocation project in the late 1990s. This program shows you action both before and after the project, including train-running through city streets, 1950s footage of a New York Central passenger train rolling through Lafayette Junction, a look at the new bypass, the relocated Big Four depot, CSX and Norfolk Southern action on the "spokes" that lead in and out of town, and more. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.
The Willmar Line - DVDBNSF's Wayzata Subdivision.
This program explores BNSF's Wayzata Subdivision - a former Great Northern route often referred to as the "Willmar line" - from Minneapolis Junction to the yard in Willmar, Minnesota. You'll view freight, coal and grain trains; a variety of BNSF locomotives including rare SD-9s; trains from CSX, Kansas City Southern, Chicago & North Western, and others; and much more. Color, 1 hr. 55 min.

Train Action Hot Spots, Volume Two - DVDThis 2004 tour of three Midwestern hot spots takes you to Fostoria, Ohio; Neosho, Missouri; and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, to view a fascinating variety of motive power and rolling stock during approximately 75 run-bys of trains from Norfolk Southern, CSX, Kansas City Southern, BNSF and Canadian Pacific, all accompanied by the trains' natural sounds. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.
Trains of Ohio - DVD-R
Trains of Ohio - You'll visit Ohio and see CSX, Norfolk Southern and other colorful railroads in action at railfan hot spots such as Berea, Greenwich, Attica, Fostoria and Marion. Highlights include two Wheeling & Lake Erie trains at Greenwich, shots of foreign and leased units among diesel consists, and high-speed run-bys. As a bonus, you'll also enjoy vintage New York Central footage. Color, 1 hr., 50 min.
Windy City Rails - DVDTower B-12 & Turner Jct.
This video takes you to Chicago, the busiest rail hub in America! First, you'll visit the Tower B-12 area to see Canadian Pacific, Metra, Indiana Harbor Belt and Canadian National; fallen flag locomotives wearing Soo Line and Illinois Central paint; and "visiting" roads such as CSX, Norfolk Southern and Iowa, Chicago & Eastern. Then you're off to West Chicago to see the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern's Turner Tower, where you'll enjoy numerous high-horsepower Union Pacific trains, a flurry of Metra activity… even UP's Olympic and United Way locomotives heading up a mixed freight. Hi-Fi stereo, 1 hr. 45 min.
Windy City Rails Volume 2 - DVDStateline Interlocking and Jay Towe.
Visit two of Chicagoland's most popular railfan hot spots to view the trackside action and hear all of the natural sounds. Your first stop is busy Stateline Interlocking - which handles more than 100 trains a day - near Hammond, Indiana, where you'll see the trains of CSX, Norfolk Southern and Indiana Harbor Belt. Then it's on to famous Jay Tower in Chicago Heights, Illinois, to view the trains of Elgin, Joliet & Eastern; CSX; and Union Pacific, including the UP's Katy and MoPac Heritage schemes! Color, stereo, 2 hours
Windy City Rails, Volume 3 - DVDBlue Island Junction.
This program takes you to the Chicagoland area to view multiple mainline crossings at the always busy Blue Island Junction and on the large steel bridges spanning the Calumet Sag Channel. You'll see trains from Indiana Harbor Belt, CSX, Canadian National, Metra's Rock Island District, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific and BNSF as well as shortline and regional action from Iowa Interstate, Chicago Rail Link and others. Color, stereo, 1 hr. 58 min.


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