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CSX Railroad Book Store, Model Train Books. CSX Railroad Books, Railroad History Books, CSX Railroad Books.
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CSX Railroad Books.

Chessie System" hspace="10" src=" New York Central Railroad" hspace="10" src=" New York Central Railroad.
Railroad Color History

Solomon. This illustrated history of the railroad that grew to power under the Vanderbilt dynasty covers every aspect of the New York Central through its 1968 merger with longtime rival Pennsylvania Railroad and the eventual merger of Penn Central's successor - Conrail - into Norfolk Southern and CSX. You'll view archival photographs of steam and diesel locomotives and freight and passenger trains as well as route maps, period advertisements and much more. 160 pages, 200+ B&W and color photographs, 8?"x 10?", soft cover.

Railroading Around Cumberland" hspace="10" src=" Railroading Around Cumberland.
Images of Rail.

Stakem. This photo-essay examines the railroad history of Cumberland, Maryland - the "Queen City of the Alleghenies" - in detail, from the operation of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal from 1836 until 1924 and the regional shortline railroads that moved coal to its loading docks to the current operations of CSX and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. 128 pages, approximately 200 B&W photographs, 6?"x 9?", soft cover.

Seaboard Coast Line" hspace="10" src=" Seaboard Coast Line.
A Pictorial History of the SCL in Florida. Warren & Clark Jr. This superb collection of photos showcases the Seaboard Coast Line from the time of the Atlantic Coast Line/Seaboard Air Line merger through the CSX era. Highlights include vintage diesels and railcars including the famous 4900 from the St. Louis Car Co., passenger and freight operations, circus and steam specials, and museum trains. Also included are detailed yard and depot shots and roster comparisons. 116 pgs., 225 B&W photos, 11"x 8?", soft bound.
Seaboard Coast Line & Family Lines Railroad 1967-1986 Seaboard Coast Line & Family Lines Railroad 1967-1986.
A CSX Predecessor. Griffin. The author, a veteran railroad writer and CSX retiree, offers a detailed perspective on the mega-mergers that created the Seaboard Coast Line and Family Lines. You'll follow the reorganization and consolidation of facilities, equipment and operations on the railroads that created these new systems with special emphasis on the SCL passenger service that operated well after other railroads abandoned such operations. 160 pages, 200+ color and B&W photographs, 8?"x 11", hardcover.
West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh Railway West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh Railway.
A Western Maryland Predecessor. Clarke. The West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh Railway served Northern West Virginia throughout its life, helping to develop the rich lumber and coal resources of the region. This book offers a comprehensive look back at this scrappy railroad and showcases the towns it created, its unique equipment and operations, and its legacy as part of the Western Maryland, Chessie and CSX railways. 160 pgs., 200 B&W photos and illustrations, 8?"x 11", hardbound.
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CSX Railroad Book Store, Model Train Books. CSX Railroad Books, Railroad History Books, CSX Railroad Books.

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