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4449 Winter Daylight - DVD

Steam Locomotive CD / DVDs, Steam Locomotives Trains. Railroad Steam Engines,  Steam Engines CD / DVDs make a great addition to any Steam Locomotive Train Sets.

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 Steam Locomotive CD / DVDs.

1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD 1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD.

BNSF's 2001 Employee Appreciation Special.

Follow Frisco #1522 - a powerful 4-8-2 Mountain steam locomotive - on an historic, eight-day journey through Texas as she pulls Burlington Northern Santa Fe's 16-car Employee Appreciation Special from Fort Worth to Temple, Houston and Silsebee!

You'll spot railroad icons such as Towers 55 and 17 and T&NO Junction; travel on the former Southern Pacific Sunset Route; enjoy thrilling highballing and intense bursts of stack talk; and more. Includes two stereo soundtracks: one with natural train sounds and the other with narration added. 1 hr. 10 min.

Price: $29.95

1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD-R 1522 Galloping Through Texas - DVD-R.

Follow steam locomotive Frisco 1522 on an historic journey through Texas as she pulls BNSF's Employee Appreciation Special. You'll see 1522 get a good workout highballing over former Santa Fe track at incredible speeds - producing intense bursts of stack talk while lugging sixteen gleaming passenger cars through the Texas Hills - and even spot railroad icons such as Tower 55, Tower 17, T&NO Junction, and others along the way. Color with stereo sound and narration, which can be turned on or off. 1 hr. 10 min.
Price: $29.95
San Diego Steam Special - DVD San Diego Steam Special - DVD.
The Historic Journey of the 3751 - 55 Years in the Making!

In August of 1953, Santa Fe 4-8-4 steam locomotive #3751 guided the last steam-powered mainline passenger train to San Diego. Filmed by multiple camera crews on the train and at trackside, this program captures #3751's historic return trip to San Diego on June 1, 2008, when it headed the San Diego Steam Special from Los Angeles to San Diego and back. Widescreen, 1 hour.
Price: $29.95

1522: Mountain of the Ozarks - DVD 1522: Mountain of the Ozarks - DVD.

This program follows restored St. Louis-San Francisco engine #1522 - an earth-shaking 4-8-2 Mountain steam locomotive - throughout the country, displaying full-bore action on 12 different trips! You'll view 1522 on her Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, to Chicago freight break-in runs, double-headed action with Union Pacific #844 and Norfolk & Western #611, several trips out of St. Louis, visits to Atlanta and Birmingham, and more. Color, 53 minutes.
Price: $29.95
2765 on the C&O - DVD 2765 on the C&O - DVD.

In 1993, the Nickel Plate Road's #765 steam locomotive - a 2-8-4 Berkshire - was transformed with a few modifications into Chesapeake & Ohio #2765, a 2-8-4 Kanawha. Here, you'll examine the changes and follow the locomotive's trip from historic Cincinnati Union Terminal to Russell, Kentucky, and back as well as a one-way trip to Huntington to view it on the New River Train. You'll see exciting run-by action and even climb aboard for a cab ride Color, 1 hour.
Price: $29.95
Running a Steam Locomotive Volumes 1-3 Set - DVD Running a Steam Locomotive Volumes 1-3 Set - DVD.

"A railroad video classic!" - Trains magazine. Have you ever wanted to get "under the skin" of a steam locomotive? This amazing series offers a complete "stack to firebox" look at steam locomotive operation and maintenance. Color.

Volume 1: Basics of Steam Locomotive Operation. You're a steam locomotive apprentice on this detailed look at the anatomy, care and operation of a Baldwin steam locomotive. Better bring your engineer's cap and some thick gloves - you're going to get dirty! 1 hr. 30 min.

Volume 2: Passenger Locomotive Road Operation. You join three veteran steam engine crews aboard a trio of fully restored locomotives: Nevada Northern Ten Wheeler #40, Southern Pacific 4-6-2 #2472 and Union Pacific's 4-8-4 #844. You'll practically feel the wind in your face in this one! 1 hr. 45 min.

Volume 3: Freight Locomotive Road Operation. You learn the operation of three distinctly different freight steamers: a narrow gauge Shay, a 2-8-2 Mikado, and Norfolk & Western's awesome - and massive! - A-Class 2-6-6-4 #1218. You'll tackle 8?% grades, yank a mixed freight out West and highball down a main line. Can you smell the cinders? 1 hr. 15 min.


Price: $59.85
4449 Shasta Daylight - DVD 4449 Shasta Daylight - DVD.

"This is the best 4449 tape I've seen" - Doyle McCormack, 4449 engineer. Head to the scenic Northwest for a spectacular look at one of the most elegant steamers to ever ride the rails, 4-8-4 #4449. You'll watch #4449 roar up the Mount Shasta foothills, which were powdered in fresh snow; wind a train through the Sacramento River Canyon, famous for its deep tunnels, rolling hills and the incredible Redding Trestle; "light it up" on a high speed sprint back to its base of operations; and more. Color, 1 hour.
Price: $29.95
4449 Winter Daylight - DVD 4449 Winter Daylight - DVD.

The perfect complement to "4449 Shasta Daylight" (RV5957), this program takes you on a series of snowy rail trips between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, Washington where #4449 belches billowing columns of smoke and steam into the frosty air as she tackles 1.1% grades and passes through the state's scenic apple country. You'll also see this gorgeous engine on a ferry trip to and from her home base in Portland, Oregon. Color, 46 minutes.
Price: $29.95
4501 25th Anniversary - DVD 4501 25th Anniversary - DVD.

Southern Railway.

In this program starring former Southern Railway 2-8-2 Mikado steam locomotive #4501, you'll view historic footage of #4501 as engine #12 on the Kentucky & Tennessee Railroad in the early 1960s, several passenger excursions and a freight run in 1991, #4501 leading a tripleheader with #611 and #1218 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Norfolk Southern Steam Excursion program, and more. Color, 1 hour.
Price: $29.95
4960 - Steam Star of the Grand Canyon Railway - DVD 4960 - Steam Star of the Grand Canyon Railway - DVD.

See former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 2-8-2 Mikado No. 4960 - now fully restored and the pride of the fleet - in action with the scenic Grand Canyon Railway. You'll enjoy the first steam-up at the shop, the test runs, her inaugural run to the Canyon, a doubleheader with 2-8-0 Consolidation No. 18, plus cab rides with both the engineer and fireman wired for sound, explaining what they are doing as you ride with them! 1 hr. 25 min.
Price: $29.95
50s Memories of the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge - DVD-R 50s Memories of the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge - DVD-R.

Travel back to the 1950s for spectacular Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge action in it final years of revenue service. You'll follow steam freights from Alamosa to Durango, Chama to Alamosa, and through the Black Canyon; move to Marshall Pass where you'll catch the scrap train; enjoy rare scenes of limestone operations at Monarch Pass; watch a portly 2-8-2 "Mike" pull switching duties at the Farmington branch; and more. No excursions here - just hardworking Rio Grande trains earning their keep. Color, 1 hour.
Price: $24.95
611 - DVD-R 611 - DVD-R.

Birmingham Memories
Climb aboard Norfolk & Western's famous bullet-nosed Class J 4-8-4 #611 - one of the last mainline steam locomotives to run in the United States - for 1992-1993 fan trips running between Birmingham, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee. On this smoke-filled excursion, you'll ride the cab up Irondale Hill, pace #611's massive running gear, and even see bonus coverage of #611's last fan trip in 1994. A worthwhile addition to your Class J video library. Color, stereo with narration, 55 minutes.

Price: $29.95
6325 Return to Steam - DVD 6325 Return to Steam - DVD.

Grand Trunk Western.

This program follows former Grand Trunk Western 4-8-4 Northern locomotive #6325 - restored to operating condition for owner Ohio Central in the fall of 2001 - on two test runs and three autumn excursions. You'll view vintage scenes of Grand Trunk steam, #6325 at the head of a 13-coach passenger train, dual run-bys, incredible scenery, and more… you'll even learn about the history of 4-8-4 Northerns and #6325. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 30 min.
Price: $29.95

8444 Down Deschutes & 4449 Over the Siskiyou - DVD Combo 8444 Down Deschutes & 4449 Over the Siskiyou - DVD Combo.

You'll thrill to this exciting color footage! First, you'll view Union Pacific's #8444 4-8-4 - the last steam locomotive delivered to UP - as it crests the Blue Mountains of Oregon, leads an excursion train down the magnificent Deschutes River Canyon, and crosses Idaho and Wyoming. Then, you'll follow Southern Pacific's #4449 Golden State class 4-8-4 as she heads a promotional train - heralding the merger of Southern Pacific and the Rio Grande Railroad - on the scenic Siskiyou Line. 1 hour.
Price: $29.95
A Century and a Half at Horseshoe Curve - DVD-R A Century and a Half at Horseshoe Curve - DVD-R.

Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve has witnessed the evolution of railroading and this video showcases a parade of trains that include wood-burning steamers; K4, M1 and T1 super-steam, and a plethora of diesels from the 1950s and '60s. Additional footage features Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak along with shots of the famous Aerotrain and a 12,000 ton freight train laboring up The Curve with engines at the front, middle and rear! Color and B&W, 1 hr. 20 min.
Price: $29.95




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Steam Locomotive CD / DVDs, Steam Locomotives Trains. Railroad Steam Engines, Steam Engines CD / DVDs make a great addition to any Steam Locomotive Train Sets.


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