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Tricks with Digital Photography How to do tricks with your digital photos and family pictures.

Click Here are some pictures taken with a digital camera then processed in Corel Photopaint 

You can see the different steps in the photo processing sequence using different techniques available in Corel Photopaint.  In this series of photographs I took a picture of an aircraft on the ground and put myself in the cockpit high above the clouds.
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and a little Photograph Design Knowledge

L-39 Albatross taken at the Quad Cities Airshow Take Your Favorite Dream
Your Picture
The Webmaster working as an announcer
Above the Clouds

Add a little Corel Photopaint

Photo taken from my brothers Cessna 150
You in Your Favorite Dream
Walla!  a little Corel Photopaint work and I'm in the L-39
The top photo of the L-39 Jet Aircraft was taken at the Quad Cities Air show.  The second photo is of the webmaster announcing at the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle club.  The third photograph was taken while I was flying with my brother in a Cessna 150 over western Illinois.  Now I cut the picture of the of the L-39 Albatross out of picture #1 and added it to picture #4  above the clouds.  Next I made a mask around my head in picture #2 and let it sit while I went into picture #4 and cut the canopy bars and instrument panel out of the picture then pasted it back as an object. I now went back to picture #2 and copied my face then pasted it as an object into photograph #4.  Now I set the layers so that the canopy and instrument panel were in the top layer and my head was in the second layer behind the canopy.  I repositioned the components so everything was lined up then combined the object components with the background.  And, last but not least, I took a blue green tint and painted it over my head so it looked like I was behind a tinted canopy. 
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