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1569801207The Complete Book of Survival
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Home Defense and Survival by thinking ahead.

Ultimate Survival books for Surviving an attack on our country or surviving a natural disaster.   Home Defense by Thinking Ahead.

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Home Survival 
Surviving an Attack on Your Country
or Surviving a Natural Disaster
by Planning ahead.
0892063890 0892063890The Complete Disaster Home Preparation Guide
by Robert A. Roskind

Book Info 
Provides specific, real-world, detailed solutions for survival and preparation. Discusses how to be ready when the power goes off, when the phones don't work, when the running water stops running, when the sewage service stops, and the ATM fails. Soft cover. DLC: Emergency management. 

1569801207 1569801207The Complete Book of Survival : 
How to Protect Yourself Against Revolution, Riots, Hurricanes, Famines and Other Natural and Man-Made Disasters
by Rainer Stahlberg

The author, Rainer Stahlberg , November 27, 1998  A what-to-do book

Most survival manuals are how-to-do books, even I have written one. What was missing was a collection of scenarios, how to identify  them and what to do day-by-day (or phase-by-phase). I have attempted to fill this need. This a basic book (Survival 101 if you like) and  is intended to complement your survival library. 

The author, Rainer Stahlberg , March 14, 1998  Book for today 
I started to write notes for different disaster scenarios, these had grown to a size of a book. I wrote it for my granddaughter not for the government. It is tailored to the individual needs. Enjoy. 

1860644600The New Face of Terrorism : Threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Nadine Gurr, Benjamin Cole

Book Description 
This timely book examines the new style of terrorism by small groups, cults, even individuals with access to weapons of mass destruction. These groups and individuals typified by, for example, the Aum cult in Tokyo or the action of Timothy McVeigh in the USA, are more difficult to control even than small disaffected groups with political aims. The events surrounding Usamah bin-Laden are a clear indication  of the significance and relevance of the topics covered by this book. 

About the Author 
Nadine Gurr and Benjamin Cole are both freelance writers and independent defense consultants. 

0916661059 0916661059Guide to Emergency Survival Communications
by Dave Ingram
156861053X 156861053XStrategic Relocation
by Joel Skousen

Book Description 
 Strategic threats are defined as those threats which are capable of disrupting conditions on a national or  international scale, where local governments will not be able to recur to other neighboring communities  for assistance. The book presents a comprehensive analysis ge of all major strategic threats facing North American countries, and how to relocate around, mitigate, and/or avoid them. Areas are rated in detail according to these threats. Retreat strategies are presented for contingency planning even if one cannot relocate permanently. 

1568610548 1568610548How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home
by Joel Skousen

Book Description 
HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HIGH SECURITY SHELTER IN THE HOME by Joel M. Skousen. SUMMARY: The book, which  includes full architectural drawings, covers design, layout, construction, ventilation, filtration, 12v lighting, escape exits, water tanks,  sanitation, solar electric systems plus controls and wiring, EMP protection, radios, antennas, radiation meters and effects, concealment, stockpiling and barter Lists, plus a complete list of Equipment Sources and Costs. over 100 pgs including plans. The plans include  architectural details reinforced masonry walls and ceiling, the vault door installation. and complete instructions covering all other major  systems, including electrical and plumbing notes. The shelter is designed for the do-it-yourself handyman and uses conventional materials   that are readily available. The plans are designed for the person who wants to add such a shelter to an existing home or basement, but  can be modified to accommodate new construction, by replacing the concrete block construction with poured cement. There is also a  new chapter on Fortifying a Closet--focusing on the hardening of a typical master bedroom walk-in closet for security. 

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