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Black & Decker SS925 Storm Station All-in-one Rechargeable Power Source/Radio/Light. Stay informed and be prepared when the next emergency hits with the new portable Storm Station, an at-the-ready weather radio, power inverter, detachable flashlight and more. When the power goes out due to power failure or a storm, the Storm Station comes on to give you what you need to weather the storm. The Storm Station has back-up battery power, as well as a 25 Watt power inverter, 12 volt recharging port, removable flashlight and a Find Me Light that automatically turns on when household power shuts off. All of these features run off the Storm Station's integral 12V rechargeable battery, which fully recharges overnight so you are always at the ready. The built in weather band radio tunes to AM/FM/TV1/TV2/Weather frequencies to keep you up to date on the latest civil and natural emergencies for the nation and in your local area. The 25 Watt inverter powers small appliances like your home's cordless phone. The 12 volt recharging port charges cell phones. To be prepared for a power outage, keep the Storm Station plugged into an electrical outlet to maintain 100 percent of its charge. That way when the power goes out the Storm Station will have all of its battery power to help you during a power outage.
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