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Picture of the Pitts Aircraft Flying over the Coast



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Roger Smith heading to Hawaii in his pitts aerobatic airplane
Roger Smith flying his Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft to Hawaii
Photo and Computer Art by C. Jeff Dyrek

IAC Chapter 61

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Roger Smith is heading for the coast and beyond
trying to see if his extended range tank he just added would take him
all the way to Hawaii.  This would be the first Pitts to fly non-stop from California
to Hawaii.   His 180 hp engine is tuned to the max  and his twenty five gallon tank
may just not be enough for a Hawaii trip.

Really I'm just dreaming.  The picture of this Pitts aerobatic aircraft was taken just
days after he completely rebuilt every part of the plane from the skin to the motor.
In the actual photo, before I put it flying over the coast, Rogers son Brent was
proping the engine because they ran the battery down trying to start it.  It turned
out to be a bad carburetor which prevented it from starting.

I just had to have a little fun with the picture teasing Roger and Brent a little
while making it appear to be flying over the coast.

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